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Thank you for all of the information.  My husband and I have fought
to keep our son from being labeled as ADHD.  They even had us put him on
Ritalin, Cylert and other drugs.  We saw no improvement...just a drugged
child. We weaned him off of these drugs and now at age 13, he is maturing
and growing like any so called normal child.  It is wonderful to find out
that someone in the medical profession understands that this is normal for
him and that he is not handicapped in any way...THANKS!

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear MJD, thanks for writing. You and your husband did not lose faith
in your own common sense and protected your child--exactly what parents
are supposed to do. Soon you will witness a successful legal challenge
to the nazi-like, ADHD/biological psychiatry, fraud. --F.B.]

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