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Barbara **********, Ph.D.

Thank you. I have been alarmed about this for a number of years,
and only seen Dr. William Glasser speak out about it at all. I read your
interview in Insight and was so glad to know that you are waging this
battle. As a licensed professional counselor and former school counselor I
am appalled  at the number of children to whom this label has been attached.
I refuse to use it, and am so glad to have a reference for parents. God
bless you. Barbara ********.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Barbara, there was no such thing as a psychiatric/psychologic
“disease” in 1948 when the American Bd of Psychiatry and Neurology
formally established the two specialties, neurology dealing with organic
disease of the nervous system, psychiatry with emotional/behavioral
problems in normal. With the rise of psychiatric drugs/drugging in the
50′s and 60′s the industry stumbled on the strategy of calling all
emotional/behavioral conditions “disorders” by which they meant
“diseases” to justify the otherwise unjustifiable drugging of normals of
all ages. Every single psychiatric “disease” represented as such, as a
“brain disease” is a fraud–the fraud! The label calls the
child/victim to see his/her brain as defective, calls all in the life of
the child to see him/her that way, a hideous betral, a perversion of
science and medicine. The drugs, ect, psychosurgery that follow
invariably, 100% damage the child/victim, physically. Psychiatry and
the government, goaded on and finance by the federal government is a
threat to our democratic way of life of unparalled proportions. You,
Barbara, refusing to be a part of the CRIME, are more a physician than
most, throughout medicine who pay their bills and take their vacations
by making “patients” of normals, as the mental health playbook suggests
they do. The Ritalin/amphetamine cartel helps pay for the more than one
pharma lobbyist per Congressman. Thanks for writing and being true to
your patients. –FB.

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