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My son has had trouble in school from the very beginning.  I did try
him on a derivative of Ritalin for not long and took him off because I did
not see any difference.  I took him to a psychologist and of course all they
want to do is give him a half hour counseling session and stick him on
Ritalin.  The school will be pressuring me in September.  Of course they
will not put him in school unless he is medicated and over my dead body will
he be going to school under these circumstances

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
your instincts to
protect your son are right on, public schools have become a dangerous place,
not just a place where an education is not to be had. Get him out of there.
See article appended.]

I am thinking of taking a second job and have a tutor come to the house so I
don't have to deal with the Board of Education (but I do not know how the
rules of society work for that).

When they suspended him from school I had a tutor come to my house for about
2 hours a day and my son was fine with that.  My husband is also home during
the day to supervise any behavorial problems with my son with the tutor.

Any suggestion what I can do in September?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
if you make alternative
plans and move your son before you get into a legal battle with the school,
you should be ok]

Many thanks, C       

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