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Well I had a meeting with our 7 year olds teacher last week and it
was on Justins behavior, he does not behave bad, just won't stay on task,
day dreams, listening. The drug option came up and I have a folder all about
add and adhd and I just pushed it at her. We already have one boy that was
on the drugs for six years and this kid still don't read 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
any school
or teacher that fails to render a child literate, capable of and education
and taking their productive place in this complex world, has utterly failed
and should not be entrusted with others]

, his brain is fried

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
this is what they are doing instead with no qualifications. They have
been duped into becoming "pushers". There is no medical legitimacy to what
they do or to any of the childhood psychiatric drugging]

. But Justin
is a bright little boy. Now I have the fight all over again. This boy does
not need drugs. He is not hyper either. He falls asleep at the dinner table
and after school sometimes. When he is not around this brother you would not
even know he was on the place. I just hate fighting these teachers but I
will fight this too the end

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
If it comes to a legal fight have your
lawyer call me and I will help you]

. If I have to I will home
school. The older boy who was on the drugs for six years ,I don't know if
the drugs did it to his brain or if he just has a low IQ. We will never know
now because they drugged him for so many years. Why preach Dare program

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
these people too, those who fight the government's drug war, have
been duped, are dupes. The Ritalin/amphetamine, ADD, ADHD cartel is the
biggest, most vile of all]

if you are going to drug them in school.
This little boy in first grade is not mentally ill, he a little boy and that
is that. My God will this ever end. Has the world gone mad to drugging kids.
Thank you Fred for all your hard work for the children.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
PS: Kathy, if your older son was normal at the time of his ADD/ADHD
diagnosis he was a normal child because there is no test for ADD/ADHD, no
demonstration/diagnosis of an abnormality; of an disease. I would ask any
from child psychiatry research, reading this correspondence to write me with
evidence that ADHD or any psychiatric diagonsis/disorder is a diagnoseable
disease--one in which a physical or chemical abnormality can be adduced
child-by-child. Absent such proof please tell me why 15-20% of US children
in public schools are diagnosed and drugged; why 75-80% (as in LA County) in
foster care. If you are targeting, as in the scientific practice of
medicine, given us in the 1800's, no identified abnormality--as we know to
be the case--there is no justification for the psychiatric drugging and
there is no chance whatsoever that you can do anything but harm. You know
who you are, please respond to Kathy and I and to the country. We know such
realities will not reach them via Time magazine, Newsweek or the vaunted New
York Times, but I will relay your confessions.--FAB ]

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