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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
What follows is a letter from Diane Booth, a single mother, who, about 3 years ago had her only child, Vincent, then 6, court-ordered into a psychiatric hospital when she refused to accept, for him, a diagnosis of ADHD or a prescription of Ritalin. Today, Vincent remains "hospitalized and drugged" and a ward of the court, not having seen his mother or any family members in all this time. This is happening to families all over the US who dare not to believe in the fraud of "chemical imbalances" of the brain, needing Ritalin or any other poison, the PSYCH-PHARM-GOVERNMENT cartel declares, is essential "treatment." And yes, our government is a full member of this cartel, thus the drugging of 40- 50 percent in some public schools and of as many as 90 percent in foster care--wherever the government has control of our children.

Diane Booth, a fugitive from the law living in Canada today because she tried to flee with her own, natural, legal child, has found out about the "chemical imbalance" fraud the hard way and here responds to a chiropractor trading on the spectre of disease called "chemical imbalances". The criminals who decieve, label and drug thusly are everywhere throughout "legitimate" psychiatry and medicine and throughout all that is "alternative medicine."

Diane speaks with the ultimate in moral authority so I have changed not a word in her exchange with Dr. Al.]


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Dear Dr. Al, 

Thank you for clarifying that for me.  If it was misunderstood by me, then
it most likely was misinterpreted by the general public as well.  There are
many psychiatrists and psychologists who are preaching that ADHD is due to
brain chemistry, that it is caused by a parent not giving their child
proper nutrition, and that this "disease" can be cured by "behavioural
therapy" and psychotropic drugs. That is an outright lie, and such
pseudo-science targets our most vulnerable people.  The drugs that are
given to children as young as 2 - 3 years old are not meant for children,
but for adults only.  My child, at age 6, was forced to take Ritalin by a
psychiatrist. My child developed Tourettes Syndrome "tics" as a side effect
of the drug.  It was clearly stated on the label that it does indeed cause
such side effects and that it should not be administered to young children.
In the U.S., the government considers your child the property of the State,
and the parent has no choice in the matter, should the school and
psychiatrist choose to medicate a child because of "hyperactivity" or
"behavioural problems".  They have also determined that "ADHD" is a
precursor to crime. In reality, their "diagnosis" is merely a blueprint
for genocide.  There is no defective gene that causes crime. Crime is
caused by the out-of-control usury interest based monetary system that
enslaves families into debt.  But it is not the crime of youth that society
needs to worry about - it is white collar crime that perpetrates a
spiraling debt that robs an individual of the fruits of their labour and
discourages young people to work. Crime is also caused by drug addiction,
which is started by taking such drugs as Ritalin, the equivalent of cocaine.
Ask any drug addict on the street, and 99% will tell you that they took
Ritalin as a child.

When I saw the words "brain chemistry" and "nutrition"  "hyperactivity"
and "behavioural" problems in your article - alarm bells rang !   I would
like to do all I can to prevent the medical McCarthyism in the States from
infecting Canada.

It would be nice if you, as a physician, would discuss this subject with
your colleagues. Thank you for replying and thank you for your time.

Diane Booth

 "Dr. Alan Jenks"  wrote:
In reference to your response to my article in the January 24th issue of the
Capital News on Brain Chemistry. You mention that "As a chiropractor, you
are not qualified to preach to the public about brain chemistry." I would
suggest that you need to educate yourself on the education of a
chiropractor. We get 4 years of scientific education in the field of health
care. We have just as much education as medical doctors, and besides
Naturopaths are the most qualified health care providers to comment on
nutrition and dietary recomendations. You also state that "Although
nutrition is an important aspect of our health, the lack of such does not
constitute......" At no point in the article did I make reference to lack of
appropriate nutrition being the sole cause of ADHD. All I said is that past
research has implicated a lack of nutrition as a contributing factor in the
etiology of "aggression, learning disabilities, crime, depression,
hyperactivity or various other behavioural problems." It appears you did not
understand the direction of my article or the underlying message. Please
feel free to call or email with any further questions. I would appreciate
knowing where you are coming from if you are an educated health


Dr. Al

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