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by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 9/10/00

Karen C. wrote (Sunday, 9/10/00):
> Dear Dr. Baughman:
> Good morning.  I am a friend and co-worker with Linda Porasso of
>  I have know this wonderful lady for over 3 years
> now.  Just recently she published the page on ADD with your permission
> and encouraged me to read about Stephanie and your feelings on ADD and
> prescribed medications (i.e. Ritalin, "Dexedrine", etc.) ~ my son was
> insistently diagnosed with ADD at the schools continuous push and after
Ø Ritalin made him very ill a new doctor switched him to Dexedrine.  
> Matthew began school last week (5th grade) the second day of school he
> vomited in the courtyard at play, his appetite is non-existent when he
> takes this medication and now he shared (when I asked did the medicine
> effect him any other ways) he shared of the stomach cramps and
> headaches if the medicine is given after 12 noon which the nurse does
Ø when she's behind in her work.  
> I would be most appreciative if you could give me some kind of hope
> that "because the school says my son is inattentive and not "on task"
> that he does NOT need to be pumped up with medication of this nature
> to be 'normal' ".
> Linda Porasso has done your research a wondrous justice and in my
> eyes as a parent, you are larger than life now.  There are millions of
> parents out here that do not know about you Dr. Baughman.  If you can
> help me, I will most certainly, as is Linda, see that your knowledge
> is shared with those mothers before another "incident of natural
> death" occurs in an all too young child.  I do not want one of those
> children to be my own.
> Most respectfully,
> Karen C.

Dr. Baughman replied (9/10/00):

Dear Karen,

   Thank your for writing.  Today, US public/government, schools,
virtually without exception coerce, force, browbeat, parents to put
their normal children on Ritalin/amphetamines for the invented,
fraudulent, non-existent ‘disease’--ADHD.  So doing they violate their
informed consent rights—among the most fundamental of civil rights--of
the child and their family.  
  Physicians generate income by prescribing tests and treatments.  When
they exhaust these avenues, as is often the case in these times of
physician glut or oversupply (in the past 35 years the number of US
physicians has grown 5-6 times the rate of the population), they turn to
invented diseases, of which ADHD is #1.  The advantage of ‘invented’
diseases (this applies to all emotional/psychiatric conditions)  is that
every normal child/person is a potential patient.  These are the main
explanations for the unprecedented ADHD/psychiatric epidemic amongst the
schoolchildren of America.
  Make no mistake, your previously normal child is now sick indeed, and
at risk for all of the known complications of Ritalin/amphetamines.  You
apparently read on my web site of the death   Stephanie Hall, 11, of
Canton, Ohio, the day the dose of her Ritalin was increased.  Did you
hear of the death and Matthew Smith, 14, of Clawson, Michigan.  He
passed out while skate-boarding, and never came to.  His heart,
according to Dr. Dragovic, the medical examiner, had clearly,
undeniably, been ravaged by Ritalin. 

Get your son off all psychiatric drugs.  Escape with him, if you must,
to home-schooling or to a previously interviewed private or parochial
school, one, preferably,  with no budget for psychology or special
education.  You may not be able to escape the grasp of the ‘psychopharm’
industry that is a parasite on the house of public education.  If that
is the case you may have to get an attorney.  If you do, I would be
happy confer with you, your family, and attorney.  

Sincerely yours,

Fred A. Baughman, Jr., MD

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