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Re: On Anniversary of Attack, Many New Yorkers Will Try Not to Dwell on It. New York, 9/10/11, A-15]


Ordinarily, when faced with adversity or tragedy, the prevailing urge, is to go forward, to regroup to prevail.  But as one looks at the protracted, orchestrated mourning surrounding ‘9/11’ it seems clear that something else is going—the mongering of PTSD, clinical depression, severe anxiety disorder (SAD), etc., etc., etc.—psychiatry’s bogus ‘diseases’–all of them pushed shamelessly, non-stop, for no purpose but to sell psychiatric drugs—the new way in the US and around the world to deal with sadness, grief, the blues, anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, forgetfulness—you name it.  We have let psychiatry owned and operated by the pharmaceutical industry replace our every natural emotion and behavior with their ‘chemical imbalance,’ ‘disease,’ ‘disorder’ fabrications.  They rush in, as they did on ‘9/11,’right behind the ambulances to append their acronyms each needing a prescription or prescriptions.  Thus it is we are treated to a 9/11 witness (having lost no one himself) tearful at re-creation of the scene, convinced, no doubt that having PTSD that is what he is to do without end. Thank goodness for Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton and her plain and simple admonition to take a moment but get over it and move forward.  This is what Laurel Wells and the “Many New Yorkers” in this article (consigned to an inside page) have opted to do—not join the scheduled mourning. Many in our Armed Forces ordered to accept their psychiatric ‘diagnoses’ and ‘treatments’ have learned that the adverse effects of psychiatric drugs are far worse than going the will-power route when it comes to successfully dealing with tragedy and getting back to normal—something psychiatry and Big Pharma would rather you not do.

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