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To Science Times Editor

New York Times 


Re: Drugs to Treat ADHD Reach the Preschool Set—

New York Times, Health, D-5, 10/25/11.




By Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD, 10/19/11


In 2008, I helped the Canadian father of court-ordered, psychiatrically- “diagnosed,” “drugged,” 12 year-old boy write a letter to Health Canada (counterpart of our U.S. FDA) asking if ADHD and other psychiatric ‘disorders’ and ‘chemical imbalances’ of the brain were actual diseases/physical abnormalities


In a letter dated November 10, 2008, Supriya Sharma, MD MPH FRCPC, Director General of Health Canada, responded.  “For mental/psychiatric disorders in general, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD, there are no confirmatory gross, microscopic or chemical abnormalities that have been validated for objective physical diagnosis.  Rather, diagnoses of possible mental conditions are described strictly in terms of patterns of symptoms that tend to cluster together; the symptoms can be observed by the clinician or reported by the patient or family members.” 


Similarly, I wrote the FDA.   Responding on 3/12/08, Donald Dobbs wrote: “This is in response to your letter dated December 19, 2008, requesting the reference/citation from the scientific/medical literature that the five psychiatric disorders listed in your letter are actual diseases…I consulted with the FDA New Drug Review Division and they concurred with the response you enclosed from Health Canada.   Psychiatric disorders (as Health Canada refers) are diagnosed based on a patient’s presentation of symptoms that the larger psychiatric community has come to accept as real and responsive to treatment.  We have nothing more to add to Health Canada’s response.  Sincerely, Donald Dobbs, Consumer Safety Officer, Division of Drug Information Office of Training and Communications Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.”


It should come as no surprise that the chairman of this new, 4-18 years of age, ADHD guidelines, Mark Wolraich, MD, of the University of Oklahoma, is a consultant to Shire Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, Shinogi, and Next Wave Pharmaceuticals, or that the AAP itself has received millions in pharmaceutical funding—In 2011,they received $30,000 from Pfizer; $100,000 from Eli Lilly; and $79,650 from Merck. In 2010, they received $297,750 from Pfizer; $100,000 from Merck; and $3,000 fromShire. Between 2008 and 2009, AAP received another $69,000 from Pfizer.  Nor is this the first time the AAP has come under fire for promoting a pharmaceutical agenda – in 2008, they were exposed for their financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry, when the academy issued guidelines recommending statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) for kids, after it was disclosed they had received substantial contributions from pharmaceutical companies with ties to statins, including $433,000 from Merck$835,250 from Abbott Laboratories’ Ross Product Division and $216,000 from the Bristol-Myers Squibb company Mead Johnson Nutritionals. 


US pediatricians cannot have it both ways.  Either they advocate for the infants and children who are their patients or they straddle the ethical-moral divide making ‘patients’ of normal children, then poisoning them, while lying to and betraying their trusting parents and families.  


When trusted physicians, trustworthy no more, knowingly call normals “abnormal” and poison them, calling it “treatment” they have become predators.


When will the public awaken to the total, 100 percent fraud and deception that is “biological psychiatry”—that which claims that all psychological and psychiatric ‘disorders’ listed in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and International Classification of Diseases (ICD) are diseases, just as in the rest of medicine, when none of them are, Not one.  But the illusions are powerful.  After all, they are doctors, they went to medical school.  They wouldn’t lie to us—would they?  We have no recourse but to trust.  Yes—and they know it.


Every child at one time or another, or recurrently throughout childhood manifests all of the ‘characteristics’ of so-called ADHD and of any number of psychiatric ‘disorders.’  That is exactly as planned.  There plan, as should be perfectly clear witnessing their latest ADHD ‘Guideline’ is to label as ‘abnormal’/ ‘diseased’, all the children of the world and sell and give drugs for them all for the length of their unnatural lives (nowhere do they speak of the horrendous rates of addiction or of the fact that the rate of sudden cardiac death on Ritalin, Adderall and the stimulants generally, is increased by 700%).




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