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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
We are not afraid of the scum who label and drug the normal children of
the USA. Our political leaders had better wake up to what they do in
supporting the Big Pharma/psychiatry/psychology/mental health cartel.


By Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 12/18/02

I can’t help but share the message I got from my son, Duane, on the
occasion of my 70th birthday, just past. On my birthday, November
fourteenth, Duane, who is a busy guy, took the time to write me:

“I’m sitting on the grass out here at Seaport Village. I want you
to know a few things on your birthday. I’ve learned things from
watching you that have made my life so much richer. Your patience.
Your drive. Your commitment to doing what you love and never, ever
compromising with it comes to keeping your promises and delivering
the goods for the folks who count on you. You are a living breathing
example of making sure every day counts.

I am proud every day of you, and that I was lucky enough, by the
hands of fate to be delivered under your roof. The love and support
you’ve given me…the good genes and the fact that you never gave up
on me…ever, when I gave you a million good reasons to throw in the
towel…hasn’t for a minute gone unappreciated. You are the
foundation of my existence. When people praise me for what I’ve
become (you included) I tell them I had the best head-start a kid
could have: two parents who stuck it out…two parents who cared
enough about their promise to themselves and to their children that
nothing else mattered as much as making sure we had the very best
opportunities children could have (“You’re grown up now, start acting
your age.”). I love you everyday. As a man, I love you more for the
long talks, the confidences you entrust in me. It makes me feel like
I’ve not let you down. Dad, I love you. Proud to be your son.
Happy 70th, Duane.”

To this day I don’t recall all I have done as a father to deserve such a
tribute. I do know that most of the success we have had with our
children (Lisa, an attorney, Duane, owner of his own political consulting
firm, and John, a computer engineer) comes from their having had an
uncompromising, the-buck-stops-here, full-time mother, who never, ever
delegated responsibility for her children to outsiders, or mistook
psychologists, psychiatrists, or educators, for parents. And yes, as
Duane mentions we did afford them “two parents who cared enough about
their promise to themselves and to their children that nothing else
mattered.” It all sounds very idyllic, put that way, but I know I was
far from an ideal husband and parent.

As for the glue that kept this family together, Duane, at about the time
of my birthday, established a scholarship fund in his mother’s name. In
the Winter, 2002 publication (No. 28, Issue No. 7) of the San Diego
Chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of
America, one can read:

“$10,000 Annual Model UN College Scholarship Fund Created!

In the name of The Annette I Baughman Scholarship Fund of the UNA-SD, our
Chapter will award its first $10,000 in college scholarships to one or
two San Diego seniors in June, 2003. Mr. Duane Baughman, son of former
UNA-SD President, Annette Baughman, surprised his mother by announcing
this fund on her birthday (August, 4). Annette has been a member of the
UNA-SD for almost 20 years. She has been a member of the Board of
Directors for many years and served as President in 1988 and 1989.
Annette was also the first recipient of the Carroll and Non Cannon
Outstanding UNA Member Award in 1998.

Annette is passionate about her support of the United Nations and
equally passionate about educating children about the importance of
the UN. In addition to her work with UNA-SD, Annette has worked with
children in the El Cajon schools to help organize and judge an essay
contest held for the past 12 years in conjunction with the El Cajon
International Friendship Festival. Each September, she also coordinates
the UNA-SD booth at the Festival.

A committee will be formed to create the criteria for the annual
scholarship, one of which must be participation in Model UN, according
to Annette’s request.

The San Diego Chapter is enormously grateful to Duane Baughman for
honoring his mother with this scholarship fund. It will help our
Chapter continue its mission of building broader public support and
understanding of the UN as well as helping to promote Model UN programs
in San Diego high schools.

I could end this Baughman Family story right here, saying “see us, this
is how to parent!” “These are the things that count!” But that is not
all there is to this story. At age 6, in the first grade, Duane was
labeled “hyperactive” and we were pressured to get him to a
psychiatrist and get him “treated.” But Duane, with a classmate
thus-labeled and made into “a mental,” and we, his parents, refused.
And this was the outcome. It is an outcome never afforded by psychology,
psychiatry, or psychiatry-laced education.

No psychiatric/psychologic/mental, diagnosis/label is an actual disease
as they all-fraudulently, deceptively–are claimed to be. Such labels,
do nothing but stigmatize, and make way for the drugs. Such drugs
become their first and only chemical imbalance/disease. The time to
take our children back from these “pushers” in white coats; these
pushers on the “take” from the pharmaceutical industry, is long-past.
What there is no substitute for is “parents”…on-the-job parents…parents
prepared not to drug their child, but to go the extra mile…the extra

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    From: Fred Baughman
    Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 4:03 PM
    To: duane baughman
    Subject: duanes tributes to his parents. 

     Duane, moved to write this. No doubt about it, the label is
     stigmatizing, all of them are, if you do not want it out
     web site, I will not. Your call entirely. I am obviously proud, want
     to shout it about you, your Mom, all of us...what we are and what we
     will yet be.

     Love Dad.

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    From: Duane M Baughman 
    To: Fred Baughman 
    Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 4:37 PM
    Subject: RE: duanes tributes to his parents. 

     you know i am honored to be a positive part of any story (too much bad
     press can give even me a complex) but especially any story coming from
     you. i'm proud to make you and mom proud.  and these lovely words only
     spur me to try harder and do more.
     go man, go. do what you will.
     i was telling lunsford, the millionaire guy from KY about your upcoming
     book -- he is very interested and would like to be on your email list and
     a copy of the book (signed, he said)
     i'll have shari send you his info 
     love you so much

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