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Dear Dr. Baughman,

   Thank-you for your website and tireless efforts to blow the whistle on
this horrible lie.  My son is 13.5 yrs old and as been on Methylphenidate
for 6 years.  At the end of last year - because of the advise of the school
and the okay of his doctor

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Doctors have a medical-legal obligation to determine whether or not an
individual has an abnormality/disease (objective physical abnormality =
disease; no abnormality = no disease = normal) then to communicate the
facts to them. Not having done that is medical malpractice in most

we switched to Adderall. He took Adderall
for 5 weeks and had a horrible reaction.  The school suggested he be
evaluated for Oppossitional Defiance Disorder

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Like ADHD and all psychiatric conditions, diagnoses, not a disease, but
a normal individual acting out, not a medical problem]

.  That was when I knew I had to investigate
further.  I read Dr. Breggin's books and spent many hours crying over the
harm that has been done to my son.
My question is:  Is brain atrophy a certainty?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I have no doubt that the brain atrophy reported in ADHD research subjects
is due to the Ritalin/amphetamines virtually all were on. To the best of
my knowledge, these subjects have not had follow-up brain scans (MRI) off
of their medications. I suspect their brain atrophy may be akin to the
general height/weight inhibition on these drugs and that their might be
rebound growth, as occurs with body height and weight. Nor will such
studies be forthcoming because the NIMH which controls psych research has
never acknowledged the only plausible interpretation: that the atrophy is
due to the drugs, not the illusory, invented 'disease' ADHD. The amount
of brain atrophy seen in children on these drugs
is--as a group--statistically evident when compared to untreated, normals.
Rarely is the atrophy clearly of an abnormal degree in an individual case,
nor does atrophy correlate with mental status. The most you can do, and
should do is get your son off all psychiatric medications and keep
him off. As for seeing a neurologist, they, pediatricians and family
practitioners have all, conveniently, become believers in theses
'diseases' which make 'patients' of normals and have a salutory effect
on the bankbook only.]

Should I take him to a neourologist?
If there is brain cell death

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Can't be sure, can't extrapolate from animal literature which suggests
this is a possibility. just get him off, keep him off. All psychiatric
drugs, bar none, act--blunt emotional pain--by causing physical
dysfunction/damage to the brain.]

can other parts of the brain take
over the functions (Executive thinking skills) that are supposed to be
located in the cerebral cortex?  Is there a way to determine how much
permanent damage has been done (if any)?  Should I have his heart checked?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
YES! with stress tests, by a cardiologist]

I'm afraid of and for my son.
He is a happy, warm, funny, sweet boy most of the time.  Since stopping all
drugs on Christmas Day 2001 he seems to be opening up more and more - less
argumentative, more flexible, shifts gears easier - but sometimes he acts
like (although somewhat milder)when he was on Adderall.  I don't know if
it's normal 13 yr old behavior, he's just tired and irritable, a part of his
brain is fried for all time

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Not likely. There is a great chance, with him off, with his awareness that
all of you have been lied to, decieved, and victimized and with your
constant, love, protection and common sense--surrendering him to no
one--odds are he and all of you can yet have a normal life. There is no
other antidote. We will find a way to bring these criminals to justice]

or if he's having withdrawal symptoms.
I know you're very busy but please respond as soon as you can.  I'm very
worried and don't know what to do.  Thank-you!!!!

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
CAVEAT: We have no professional relationship]

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