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  I've been reading the articles on the "fraud" of ADHD.  While I agree that
  many children who are diagnosed as ADHD either do not actually have the
  disease or else have other problems (such as fetal effects of cocaine), I
  truly do believe that my little girl HAS ADHD, but because of the 'scare,' I
  won't get her treated.
  "If" this disease is not real, can you PLEASE tell me WHAT I can do to calm
  down my little girl?  From the moment she wakes to the moment she falls
  asleep, she is bouncing.  I don't know any better word for it.  She is
  intelligent, so don't get me wrong.  But she is soooooooooo active that she
  can barely stop to concentrate on *anything,* including eating.  So, any
  advice you might have will be greatly appreciated!

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Jen, There is a wonderful book out by Dr. David Stein–get it, also
books articles of John Rosemond, also Peter Breggin, all of whom understand
the fraud of so called, psychiatric ‘diseases’. Tons of 3 yr olds are soooo
active, they are normal, but, from the moment you put them on any foriegn
substance, they are no longer normal…do not be seduced by psychiatry,
organized medicine to believe this is a medical problem. Having done so you
will awake when they are a teen to the horrible reality of what you have
done, they will awake to it too. What’s more your relationship will never
again be a normal parental relationship. Go back to writings on child
rearing from the era before biological psychiatry, say the 40′s 50′s, when
their acting up, acting out was not labeled a disease, for profit. Good
luck, parenting never ends and is rarely easy. By the way the drugs do
change the children and do change their bodies and brains–permanently.

Fred Baughman, MD

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