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Tuesday October 31, 4:29 am Eastern Time
Britain to issue guidelines on Ritalin use
LONDON, Oct 31 (Reuters) - Britain's drug watchdog
the National Institute of
Clinical Excellence (NICE) will issue guidelines for
doctors on Tuesday on
the use of the drug Ritalin for treating hyperactive
Ritalin, a stimulant which acts on the central
nervous system, is designed
to improve concentration levels in children
diagnosed with attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
But some psychiatrists say the drug, a so-called
psychoactive treatment, is
overused and turns children into ``zombies''.

[Dr Baughman:
There being no proof that ADHD is other than a faux disease,
a bill-able diagnosis, having no confirmatory physical or chemical
abnormality, their Ritalin-induced ‘zombie’ state, sleeplessness, loss
of appetite, headache, involuntary movement, their cardiac arrhythmias,
including cardiac arrest and death, and their insert-listed side effect,
represent their first and only bona fide disease. Again, with no
verifiable disease on the ‘risk’ side of the risk/benefit equation, none
of it is a legitimate medical endeavor and none of it is ethically or
morally justifiable. Until we bring ourselves to believe that
someone--doctors at that--would actually do such a thing, the epidemic
will continue to worsen]

Ritalin, made by Novartis AG , is widely used in the
United States, where more than a million children…

[Dr Baughman:
5 million, conservatively]

…and adults take thedrug.
A study by the Journal of the American Medical
Association earlier this year
found the number of children in the United States
aged between two and four
taking stimulants such as Ritalin had more than
doubled between 1991 and

[Dr Baughman:
The authors were Zito, et al, in JAMA in about February.
In not a single patient, in this or any age group, is it justifiable, or
can it be called legitimate medical practice. None in this age group
and none in any age group—k-12, adolescents or adults, have a defined
disease. On the risk side of the equation there is ‘no disease’ , while
on the benefit side of the equation there is Ritalin and there are
amphetamines—all of them addictive, dangerous and sometimes deadly. We
here in the US and Canada too, have been massively deceived and fail to
see the horrible things we do to our children in the name of ‘help’. I
urge those of you in the UK, to open your eyes and see the fraud of
‘biological psychiatry’ before you follow our footsteps]

In Britain there has been concern at the
use of psychoactive drugs
among children, and media reports ahead of Tuesday's
decision suggested NICE would
place strict controls on the use of the drug.

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