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 S B wrote:    (4/18/01)

 Dr. Baughman,
 My son and I greatly appreciate your response to my message.
 Obviously, I am outraged at the notion of my son being labeled "handicapped"
 or "disabled" at the hands of "physicians" who are controlled by
 pharmaceutical companies

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
See In Place of Nations, about the world-wide threat
of Big Pharma by famed novelist, John leCarre in The Nation (website:, 4/9/2001, p 11.]

 .  As I study the information provided on your
 website, I find the extent of this issue extremely alarming.  While visiting
 a local elementary school here in Littleton, I observed a line of children
 at the nurses office, upon inquiry, I was told that these children were in
 line to receive their daily "meds,"  simply outrageous.  You have to wonder
 as to the future of a society that will so easily be led down this path,
 with no real "scientific" rational. I applaud your cause on behalf of our

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The program on 4/10/01 on Frontline, PBS about behavioral drugging in
the schools was a total 'sellout' and a blatant attempt to discredit myself,
Patti Johnson and all who call this evil the evil that it is. When our own
government, courts, legislators, turn on us we are on a pre-Nazi footing.
Drugging a total (ADHD plus all other psychiatic fabricated 'diseases') of 15%
going on 20% of all of our children we are well along the path to our own

 I do realize the challenge of the task that I present and if required, I
 would like to utilize your expertise as an expert witness in court, via
 telephone testimony.  On Wednesday of this week I , and my ex-wife, meet
 with the prescribing pediatrician to discuss the discontinuance of

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
You and mother have a right to facts with which to give or
withhold informed consent. You have right to know what the
condition/disorder/disease is and its prognosis, untreated and then its course
as altered with all, any available treatments. If he were to tell you or
imply ADD is a disease (meaning abnormality within child) that would be a lie,
violation of informed consent/medical malpractice. Keep a paper trail, copy
to friendly on this issue state and US politicians and to Patti Johnson and
school board.

This is the NIH, NIMH (Director, Steven Hyman), Surgeon
General, David Satcher, DHHS, many many agents/agencies of our government
lying to the people of the US throught their teeth, telling us this is a
disease then persecuting us if we do not provide this necessary, humane
treatment. We are at 6 million of our youth, a massive invasion by Big
Pharma, bought paid for by Big Pharma, not possible without complicity of
Congress and the Senate]

 .  This meeting is taking place only after I have threatened to sue everyone
 in my path (yes, I'm a little upset).  I have printed most of the
 information from your site and with other data, consider myself "well-armed"
 to discuss this issue rationally.
 Again, thank you for your attention to this matter.
 S B

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I see you are in littleton I would be happy to try to help]

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