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[Dr. Baughman-
Commentary on So-Called 'Biological Psychiatry' 8-2-00

Children, Mental Health Treatments Statement From Michael Faenza, NMHA President and CEO

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Mental health
problems in children and youth are real, common,
diagnosable and treatable. Unfortunately, only
one-third of all young people with mental health problems
get any treatment, and fewer receive appropriate care.

[Dr. Baughman-
Mr Faenza is not a physician. He is not qualified to say what is real
diagnosable and treatable and what is not. If researchers within
psychiatry have proof that any psychiatric considition is a disease, an
abnormality within the child, let them show us the proof. In medical
science this means telling us the name of the journal, the issue, date,
and page numbers. Most newly validated diseases are described in one
such article. Unless psychiatry researchers have such proof and have
presented it, thus, in a peer-reviewed scientific publication, they have
no legitimate claim of disease. Further, no scientific purpose is
served, having a non-physician representative, the likes of Mr. Faenza,
parroting blanket claims that children's mental health probles are real,
diagnosable and treatable (by which they imply--diseases), when no such
thing has been proven; when no such proof exists in credible, scientific

Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD) and other
serious emotional disorders are not “just being children.”

[Dr. Baughman-
Saying they are not "just being children" is their-the mental health
industry's way of saying that are NOT NORMAL, that they are ABNORMAL,
that they are DISEASED. So saying, without physical and neurological
examinations, laboratory tests, x-rays, scans, biopsies, without any of
the tools of scientific medicine--without proof, they make PATIENTS out
of NORMAL CHILDREN, the only way to understand the astronomical,
absolutely incredible, growth of the US epidemic of psychiatric

The disorders
severely disrupt children’s daily functioning at home,
school and in the
community, and make it difficult to enjoy regular childhood
One in 10 children — about 6 million young people –
have a serious
emotional disturbance that significantly impairs his/her
ability to function
emotionally, socially, or academically. Untreated mental
health problems can
lead to greater problems for children such as substance
abuse, school failure,
juvenile justice system involvement and/or suicide.
Barriers to treatment for children and their families
include stigma, poor
recognition of symptoms, system fragmentation and insurance
inadequacies. As
a nation, we need to take concerted action to enhance
children’s access to a
comprehensive array of quality mental healthcare services in

The National Mental Health Association is a nationwide
network of mental
health advocates. NMHA was founded in 1909 by Clifford
Beers, a mental health
consumer, and today has 340 affiliates.

SOURCE The National Mental Health Association
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