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“Custody Relinquishment” for “Essential” Psychiatric Treatment:

Surpassing Stalin, Gaining on Hitler!

by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 9/25/02

“Relinquishing custody: The Tragic Result of Failure to Meet Children’s Mental Health Needs.” (A Report by the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, 1101 Fifteenth Street, NW, Suite 1212, Washington, DC 20005). Nowhere is the “big lie” better exemplified than in the title of this report, or than in the proposition of “Relinquishing Custody.” The “big lie” of psychiatry and of all that is mental health is that they diagnose and treat actual diseases, and that the children (in this case) and adults said to have “mental health needs” have actual diseases for which, without “custody relinquishment” they would yet have unmet mental health needs, just as would the epileptic child deprived of an anticonvulsant medication, just as the diabetic child without insulin, just as child with acute appendicitis without access to surgery. The pristine, pure ‘big lie’ of psychiatry and mental health is that all that we hold to be normal, but negative, emotions, disruptive behaviors and all of the 350-odd entries (and growing) in the DSM of the American Psychiatric Association, are actual disease; diseases in a medical/surgical sense, having, as diseases must confirming, characteristic, objective abnormalities to identify them as such. None of them do. Not one. Nor have they come to this point of calling them diseases, by any scientific route, such as that of the piece-meal process pertaining to medical diseases that begins, in every instance, with the discovery, in nature; in a patient of he confirming, characteristic abnormality that is the new disease. Rather the “biological” psychiatry they have arrived at today is the product of a contrived, pre-planned scheme to pervert the language of science and medicine to their own ends, referring, un-failingly to all such contrivances, and painful emotions and behaviors as diseases, just as if they were, until the public, trusting fools they, had come to believe there every word. And that is where we are today. Ands the extent to which they—psychiatry/mental health in collusion with Big Pharma and Big Government tyrannize us with this fraud is nowhere more evident than in a study of what is euphemistically called “Relinquishing custody.” In actuality, it is kidnapping by the state, for a preferred industry: the psychiatric/pharmaceutical cartel.

This Report is dated March, 2000. Every American, every civil libertarian should have a copy. Just as is always my aim, I will try to serve as translator of biopsychiatry-speak for those not speaking or understanding their language, which means everyone with a need and right to know.

In the Executive Summary, p1: “Parents should never be asked to choose between getting mental health treatment for their child and retaining legal custody of the child. Yet for at least 20 years they have been asked to do just that. Today, in half of the states almost one in four families seeking mental health care for a child face such an inhumane choice.”

The Psychpharm cartel, necessarily, in collusion with government at all levels has been doing this since 1980. They claim (1) that children with the likes of ADD, CD, OCD, BD, ODD—DSM psychiatric diagnose–have actual diseases. They claim (2) that these “diseases” “need”/require “necessary” treatment, i.e., psychiatrists and drugs. Further, they claim that if parents cannot afford them such “needed”/”necessary” treatment, and that such treatment can only be gotten for the child by a government or government-affiliated payer scheme (such as Medicaid) that requires that the child be a ward of the state, then, the only responsible thing for the simply-biologic parent to do, would be to relinquish custody, so that the payer is on line who can pay those who utilized the billing bible of mental health/psychiatry—the DSM—and who prescribe the psychopharmaceuticals always-to-be prescribed.

My reader should be aware here, and in reading anything whatsoever pertaining to psychiatry and psychopharmaceuticals, that were it not for presumption of “diseases” which is never, ever, once justified in psychiatry, their could be no medical-speak, no doctor-speak—we would be speaking only of normal human beings and of their humane care and nurturing. Without the presumption of disease, we would be talking of a tyrannical state kidnapping children and drugging those normal children. Are you with me…it is real quite easy once you understand how brazen and total the deception, beyond anything you might imagine physicians capable of.

Further all of this business of “Custody Relinquishment” plays out in our courts. The term relinquishment implies, voluntary, not the product of deception or coercion, rather the product of informed consent…wholly knowing, understanding, voluntary, in the best interests of the child, for the absolutely necessary treatment of his real, serious, terrible mental/psychiatric disease. But it all starts and ends with the lie that the child is abnormal/diseased, with rank deception, with not just psychiatry but all of medicine participating in today, not just lying to patients and families to make patients of normals, but taking them away from parents/families, capturing them, labeling and drugging them no end, for profit, enslaving them, all of it beginning and persisting through their lives a patients—patients who were normal when targeted, but distinctly abnormal/diseased/intoxicated once drugged with drugs that like all drugs are poisons. The difference here is that these are preferential brain toxins. This is 1984, and “Brave New World as never before and going on since 1980; happening to “one in four families seeking mental health care for a child.”

What about this “one in four families seeking mental health care for a child.” The child was invariably seen as the normal child he/she was when sent down the path to the government school kindergarten, but was then “fingered” for mental health not by the parents, not by the family, but by those supposed to discipline them, render them literate and educate them—who do none of these things. Rather they have become the patient capture apparatus, all of them deputy brain diagnosticians. Give me a break…it is not the families that come seeking mental health care for their children, it is this tyranny, very much a tyranny of the state. What’s more this abomination, this crime of kidnapping (for there is no disease, never was, never will be), this crime them call “custody relinquishment” is never justified because it is never for a real disease. This sort of thing does not go on in general pediatrics, neurology, medicine, or family practice, having to do with bona fide medical and surgical diseases…virtually never.

Doubt me? Read on’

P 1 “For example, when Rebecca E.’s husband got a job, the family’s income rose above the limit for Medicaid. Rebecca had to relinquish custody of her daughter, Ginny, to the child welfare system so Ginny could continue receiving the mental health services she needed.” All we have to do, all we had better begin to do, is read between the lines: “Rebecca had to relinquish custody of her daughter…”, “ so Ginny could continue receiving the mental health services she needed” (required). There is no disease, there is a never disease, custody is never relinquished, the children are being stolen/kidnapped, there is never, legitimate medical care, there is never informed consent.

P2: “Erroneous interpretation of the federal Foster Care and Adoption Assistance Program (Title IV-E creates a fiscal incentive for custody relinquishment. The law reimburses some of the costs of care when children are removed from their parent’s home.” “Many state officials and judges mistakenly assume that the child welfare system must have custody of the child to access the federal dollars.” Dollars to treat the fraudulent, non-existent diseases of psychiatry…isn’t that sweet.

P 3: “The Oregon law, passed in November 1993, bans custody relinquishment “when the sole reason for the placement is the need to obtain services for the child’s emotional, behavioral or mental disorder or physical disability.” It establishes a voluntary placement, supervised by the juvenile court.”

Isn’t that heartening, one state not participating the stealing/kidnapping of children, for psychopharmaceutical/mental health profit—one state! “It establishes a voluntary placement, supervised by the juvenile court.” One wonders, how voluntary, how valid the informed consent, how many mentions of psychiatric diagnoses as illnesses, diseases, thwarting all informed consent, as all informed consent throughout psychiatry/mental health is thwarted/abrogated. Without the disease lie, they would not exist today–biological psychiatry.

P 7: “For example, a 1989 report by the Research and Training Center on Family Support and Children’s Mental Health indicated that 25 percent of parent of children with serious emotional disorders had received suggestions that they relinquish custody (Focal Point, 1989). Ten years later, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill released the results of its survey of parent of children with behavioral disorders (by which they mean diseases), finding that 23 percent had been told that they needed to relinquish custody to get intensive mental health services for their children and that 20 percent had actually done so(Families on the Brink: The Impact of Ignoring Children with Serious Mental Illness (by which they mean disease), 1999).”

“23 percent had been told that they needed to relinquish custody”. When court ordered to surrender their child to the state, is that “custody relinquishment”? When one and all are told, in so many words that their children have a brain disease due to a chemical imbalance of the brain, their informed consent rights have been abrogated, and any relinquishment of custody pursuant thereto would have to be considered null and void.

Think of the magnitude of the fraud to “steal” the children, for profit, to support the entire, bloated psycho-drugging empire/enterprise.

A sidebar on the same page states: “It is hard to imagine a more painful dilemma for a parent: the treatment your child desperately needs is available, but only if you relinquish custody and turn the child over to the state child welfare agency.”

Desperately needs for his/her “disease”. Here again is the lynch-pin of it all: the “disease” when there is no disease—when there is never a disease, when the children are normal.

P 10, sidebar: “Terry is a 16-year-old with severe attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). (ADHD has never been proved to be a disease, an abnormality within any part of the child; representations by any physician that it is a disease, is fraud). Her mother, Barbara called the police because Terry kicked a two-foot hole in the wall. Terry also had problems in school (as if kicking a hole in the wall and school problems were ever a disease) and the school was calling Barbara daily (insisting on one diagnosis or another, usually ADHD, and often a drug as well) .” Over time, Terry’s behavior escalated and several psychiatric hospitalizations followed. Each time, Barbara was told that no mental health services were available to her in the community. Desperate, she turned to the child welfare system and gave up custody in the hope of finally getting services. (would it not have been interesting to be a fly on the wall as Barbara’s “giving up custody” was taking place). Terry continued to have frequent hospitalizations, but Barbara was no longer able to make any decisions about her medical care. Yet she had to attend so many meetings and appointments required by the child welfare system that she lost her job and with it, the family health insurance.”

If you think for a minute this is the delivery of essential health care, of anything remotely resembling health care, you are tragically mistaken; what it is tyranny—preying upon and destroying, first, the previously medically, physically normal child, and then the family…likely the entire family.

P 10: “Advocates also report that in some states, residential treatment providers refuse to serve Medicaid-eligible children unless custody is relinquished.” Just when you thought it couldn’t get uglier.

P 13: “ Judges often commit a child to the custody of a state agency, even when state authorities argue that transfer is not necessary. Sadly, courts often believe that custody relinquishment is the only way to assure that children get help (always in the name of help) because the state is clearly required to provide treatment for all children in its custody.”

“Yet fiscal incentive in child welfare still favor out of home placement over family preservation or support services that can help families to raise their children at home. The IV-E entitlement funding for out of home placement far exceeds the small family preservation grants.”

Diane Booth had the audacity to disagree with the public school diagnosticians and had her son Vincent, then 6, kidnapped from her by the state of California, kidnapped and then poisoned/drugged. Diane is a refugee in Canada, having had notion that she should flee with Vincent to Canada to rescue him from danger of imminent harm and that what she was doing is in his best interests. Turns out, Diane was correct, because Vincent developed serious drug-induced tics from the Ritalin forced upon him. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was physically abused and sodomized in a child’s prison. The state of California has seen fit, according to the amoral psychiatry industry, the DSM and the pharmaceutical industry to keep Diane and all of her family, and all of Vincent’s family from ever seeing him again. This, mind you is a case study in what psychiatry and the government have come, harmoniously to call “custody relinquishment”. Diane the mother is still a refugee in Canada, and Vincent is still being tortured, if he is even still alive, in a “Level 14″ facility. No one has seen or heard from him since, and Diane and her attorney are seriously beginning to doubt that Vincent is still alive. Why else would the State of California go to such lengths to cover up his location and to prevent him from contacting anyone in his biological family or to see Diane’s attorney?

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