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G  M  wrote:

    Dear Dr. Baughman,
    I just read an article on the Internet
    by a Mr. DeWeese about the
    dangers of Ritalin. No mention was made
    of the use of Ritalin by adults.

    My ex-husband was put on high doses of
    Ritalin, every three and a half
    hours, at the age of 50 years. He said
    that he felt better (he had used
    tons of drugs in college and was
    probably happy to use them again) and
    could think more clearly.
    However, I began to notice that when
    the Ritalin wore off - later at
    night and in the morning - he became
    irritable and sometimes violent.  He
    once threw our baby of 18 months across
    the bed for awakening him. I
    learned to keep our two little ones away
    from him in the morning and put
    them to bed before he came home at
    He would suffocate the two year old
    when she cried but said that he
    knew when to let her breath, as he
    taught singing.  He admitted this on
    the stand in our divorce.
    The judge was not concerned about
    these issues and gave him joint
    custody of the two little girls, aged 3
    and 4.
    I am terribly concerned for their
    welfare.  Would you please send me
    any ideas or articles that I might
    research to prove his behavior is
    dangerous so that I can rescue my little


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
My web site, tells you much about the dangers of Ritalin
and the amphetamines. What is the dose your ex is on? The only
legitimate disease for which
Ritalin can be prescribed, legally, is NARCOLEPSY. ADHD which accounts
for over 99% of all such prescriptions is not a validated, real disease;
it is a total, 100%
psychiatric scam. Read: "
Slaying Blamed on Drug Reaction
" by BRIAN
WITTE Associated Press Writer, BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - Ten days after he
began taking a widely used medicine called Adderall to control his
attention deficit disorder and help him with his college studies, Ryan
Ehlis slipped into a psychotic fog and killed his infant daughter. God,
he said, told him to do it. Today, the 24-year-old University of North
Dakota student is out of jail and back in school, acquitted of murder by
a judge who ruled his psychotic state was an extremely rare side effect
of Adderall. Kip Kinkle who went on a murderous rampage in Springfield,
Oregon, had been on both Ritalin and Prozac. Look in the PDR for all of
the neurologic and psychiatric side effects of Ritalin, remembering as
you do, that ADHD is a non-existent disease, i.e., that ADHD itself,
bears no physical risks. I would add here that your ex-husband at age
50 and on what you call an unusually high dose of Ritalin is very likely
at a considerably increased cardiac risk, just as is the case with all
amphetamines and with cocaine. You may call me Monday thru Friday 9-5
Pacific time Sincerely, FB]

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