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Drug-Induced Syndromes

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While locked in a psych ward for 39 days, I quickly noticed that it was easy
to spot the side effects of psych drugs in the other patients (drooling,
trembling, blank stares, etc.) and I imagined that if I spent a couple more
months in that environment, I'd be able to tell at a glance which specific
"drug treatment" any patient was on.

What I'm thinking is that we ought to coin more phrases like "thorazine
shuffle" to describe the effects of the most commonly-used drugs.  This
would be a way of educating the public that many of the "symptoms of mental
illness" are really nothing more than side-effects of the so-called

Any comments or suggestions?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Ben H , All:

the point that is so simple and fundamental that it is usually missed, is that
their is no such thing as a psychiatric disease/abnormality. Disease =
abnormality; abnormality (demonstrable, objective) = disease; no abnormality =
no disease = normal! Psychiatry (APA, AACAP, ASAP) and now the rest of
medicine as well having discovered the market success of turning normals into
medical patients, calls all psychiatric diagnoses/conditions, 'diseases'/
'syndromes'/ 'illnesses' due to 'chemical imbalances of the brain' without
which they would have nothing to treat; nothing for which to prescribe
'chemical balancers,' the products of their controlling partner, Big Pharma
(now in control not just of psychiatry but all of medical academia).

For this reason, all of the objective abnormalities you see in patients with
psychiatric 'diseases' on psychiatric medications MUST be due to the drugs
they are invariably on, never to their psychiatric 'disease' for no such thing
has ever been proven to exist. As a neurologist I saw Parkinson's
syndromes/diseases due to neuroleptics that were distinguishable from
naturally occuring Parkinson's disease only by observing the patient was on a
neuroleptic and then taking the patient off all such drugs and watching to see
if the Parkinson's signs (objective) lessened and went away. Such tell-tale
improvement often takes months, such are the long-term effects of psychiatric
drugs, especially neuroleptics. And then, of course there are tardive
dyskinesias, that never go away and that respond to no drug--these too, due to
neuroleptics. And I have seen dysphagia and frank palatal paralysis with
neuroleptics and then there are the sudden cardiac deaths with this group of
drugs, stimulants and antidepressants, and tics and psychosis with
Ritalin/stimulant therapy. And yes, practicing psychiatrists, who often fail
to recognize the neurological and other physical consequences of the drugs
they use to treat normal, troubled, troublesome, people (the reason it is left
to neurologists in most cases to make these diagnoses) reflexly tell their
patient, 'this is just the ADHD, the OCD, the BD, the schizophrenia, getting
worse,' when no such thing could possibly be true for the simple fact that no
psychiatric 'disease' is a real disease, due to a real, proved, demonstrable,
detectable abnormality. Such is the totality of the bio-psychiatric fraud.

And yes, Ben, one and all should begin referring to such things as thorazine-,
mellaril-, clozapine-, respirdal-induced, Parkinsons syndrome, hypokinesis,
tremors, tardive dyskinesias, cardiac arrest, etc., etc., etc. Regarding
Ritalin/amphetamine 'treatment' we should not refer to the tics that never
pre-existed the drugging as idiopathic, Tourette's syndrome, for that is not
what it is--they are Ritalin-, Concerta-, Dexedrine-, Adderall-induced
involuntary movements, choreiform movements, tics. They could not possibly be
otherwise. Those who for one reason or another embrace their psychiatric
'disease' labels as a way of life had better seriously reconsider, as it
surely is the key to their own continued, life-long victimization at the hands
of the charlatans who practice this brand of biological psychiatry/mental
health. It is the greatest, most atrocious, health care fraud of all time.
And it gains force--still, thanks to the full participation, with drug money
aplenty, of our federal government.

In a 'special advertising supplement' of the psychopharm cartel in the 11/20
Family Circle, leaders of psychiatry, in short essays, are fully 'out of the
closet' with their claims that all things psychiatric are actual brain
diseases. Surgeon General Satcher is among the essayists. Having made this
claim so publicly in December, 1999, there can be no doubt that the federal
goverment at most every level, allows them to lie and joins them in lying to
the American people (not to be outdone by the Cali, Medellin and Tijuana

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