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Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD comments on CHADD claims that ADHD is both a
real disease and a real disability:



Families with AD/HD To Benefit from Legislation

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
With every new
appropriation, they are suddenly more liable to have a family member, a
normal child, labeled and drugged]

LANDOVER, MD - CHADD, the nation's leading advocacy organization serving
those with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) today applauded
reintroduction of the Family Opportunity Act, legislation designed to serve
children with severe mental or physical disorders who meet the SSI
(Supplemental Security Income) definition of disability by removing cost
barriers currently prohibiting them access to Medicaid.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
CHADD was created by Ciba-Geigy, now Novartis,
manufacturer of Ritalin, for CG/N. Likewise, ADHD, said to be brain
disease, a chemical imbalance of the brain, was
created/contrived/invented by CG/N in collusion with the NIMH, all of
organized psychiatry and CHADD, without which they would have nothing
(nearly nothing) for which to prescribe Ritalin. Today 99% of the
Ritalin and the other addictive, dangerous, sometimes deadly
amphetamines are prescribed for the non-disease—ADHD. Less than 1% of
these drugs are prescribed for the real, verifiable neurological/brain
disease, narcolepsy. 90 % of the world supply of these addictive,
dangerous, sometimes deadly amphetamines are prescribed in the US, 96%
in the US and Canada combined. 90% of such drugs prescribed in the US
are for our children, for the fictitious, invented, fraudulent
‘neurobiologic’ ‘disease’—ADHD]

"Families with a child or children who have AD/HD will benefit significantly
from this legislation," said E. Clarke Ross, Chief Executive Officer of
CHADD. "By giving middle-income families the opportunity to buy into
Medicaid, families previously ineligible for such support now stand an even
better chance of helping their disabled child."

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
and more families,
will have more money, through Medicaid, to buy the products of the CG/N
and others in the psychopharmaceutical industry used to ‘treat’ this
fraudulent, never-confirmed, ‘disease’]

Co-sponsored by Senators Grassley (R-IA) and Kennedy (D-MA) and by
Representatives Sessions (R-TX) and Waxman (D-CA),

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
these Senators
and Congressmen and all others who so legitimize the drugging of our
children must be aquainted with the fact that ADHD when represented as
‘neurobiologic’ or as anything ‘neurological’ (in the brain) or
‘biological’ (in the brain or body), is a fraud and nothing but, just as
is the case with any psychological/psychiatric disorder/condition when
represented to be a disease (due to a physical abnormality within the

the legislation,
introduced today and announced in a Capitol Hill press briefing, will be
given top priority due to Senator Grassley's recent appointment as Chairman
of the Senate Finance Committee. CHADD and other advocacy organizations are
strongly advocating for quick passage.


Parents of severely disabled children…

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
calling them "severely disabled children" when what they manifest
are not diseases, but the emotional problems and behaviors due to
real-life circumstances--imperfect parents, duped, misguided
teachers—all persons in their lives will be more and more likely to
believe the psycho-pharm lie that ADHD is an actual disease, that
children with it are actually abnormal/diseased. They are not
physically abnormal diseased until the drugging starts, the drugging
that this and similar legislation makes all the more likely, the
drugging that once started, will never stop.

I happen to be an individual who, in my youth, had poliomyelitis. While
I do not feel ‘handicapped’ or ‘disabled’ I am among those who
legitimately qualify for inclusion in the ‘physically
handicapped/disabled, sector/community/lobby. In referring to those
with the non-disease, ADHD, as "severely disabled" the authors of the
fraud—the NIMH/CHADD, the psychiatry-pharmaceutical cartel, and now, the
Congress and Senate, reach for hyperbole and analogy to ‘prove’ the
presence of ‘disease’ where none is present. I find it difficult to
imagine a more heinous betrayal than to ask normal children and their
families to accept that the children, are instead, "severely disabled
children", for no reason other than profit. Among those deceived are
all, like myself, who are legitimate members of the physically
handicapped, disabled, contingent/sector/lobby.
Fraudulently/illegitimately adding millions to their number not only
dilutes precious resources that should go to those who are actually
physically handicapped and disabled, but to the extent that their
numbers are artificially, fraudulently, exaggerated--the handicapped,
disabled contingent/sector/lobby itself becomes illegitimate, fraudulent
and besmirched]

…. who work or have income and resources
higher than poverty level lose Medicaid eligibility for their disabled
child. The basic provision of the legislation would allow states to permit
those families who exceed the financial limit for SSI benefits to buy into
Medicaid, thus supplementing any health insurance they may already have or
keeping coverage they would otherwise lose.


The Ticket to Work Incentives legislation, passed as law in December 1999,
helps disabled adults go to work without losing health coverage. This bill
allows parents to work without losing coverage for their disabled child

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
think of it, ‘disabled’ based on a contrived,
invented, illusory, fraudulent disease. When physicians, like those at
the NIMH, are a party to such a perversion of science and medicine,
they have totally betrayed their patient, the family, the public and all
who have real diseases and disabilities. It is the duty of every
physician to know the difference between actual disease, and the absence
of disease, and to communicate that difference, honestly and
unambiguously to their patient.]

The force behind this legislative proposal is the tragedy of custody
relinquishment. In too many states, families must give up legal custody of
their disabled child if the child requires state help in paying for
therapeutic services.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Imagine ‘relinquishing’ custody of a child so
the child can have ‘treatment’ of a psychiatric condition/diagnosis, no
one of which is an actual disease. Imagine, courts holding that custody
relinquishment—removal of the child from its family-- is necessary and
in the best interests of the child when not a single psychiatric
condition/diagnosis is an actual disease. The Bazelon Foundation has
reported within the past year that millions of such ‘relinquishments’
have taken place in the US in recent years. How may for ADHD? How many
for the similarly-fraudulent Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant
Disorder. How many new, invented psychiatric ‘diseases’ will their be
in the next edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual for which essential, treatment will require
court-ordered ‘relinquishment.’ It is the NIMH that
contrives/invents/conceptualizes all of psychiatry’s non-diseases, and
which through CHADD, and NAMI orchestrates their application to the
normal, if emotionally troubled children, teens and adults of the

In addition, children not eligible often end up uninsured or underinsured
because health insurance is not available through the parent or caregiver's
employer, is too expensive, or offers a very limited number of benefits.
This is particularly true for children with mental and emotional disorders
due to the lack of mental health parity in private health insurance. As a
result, too many parents are forced to remain in dead-end jobs in order to
keep health insurance. At hearings last year, witnesses testified that they
were forced to pass employment advancements and promotions in order to
maintain their current salary level and retain needed benefits.


Giving parents the option of buying into Medicaid and paying on a sliding
scale basis would provide disabled children in these families access to the
full range of Medicaid services, including those provided through the Early
and Periodic Screen, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) program.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
to be sure that one and all have at least one
diagnosis, sooner rather than later. The only ways to escape this are
to flee with your children to private, parochial or home schools]

The legislation is also intended to prevent custody relinquishment in order
to access such services.


Medicaid buy-in for disabled children whose family income or resources are
above poverty-level.
Medicaid demo project which allows a Medicaid buy in for less severely
disabled children to keep them healthy enough to avoid using SSI.
State authority to offer more services to children with psychiatric
disabilities at home, instead of an institution. Immediate access to Medicaid coverage for those
children who are "presumed eligible for SSI."
Funds for information and outreach center in each state to sever families
with disabled children.


This bill can help at least 300,000 children with disabilities and enable
their parent to work without the loss of health benefits for their children.
In a recent survey of 20 states, parents of disabled children report that
they are refusing raises, overtime, and job offers in order to stay under
the income level that allows their disabled child to get Medicaid.


Families with children who have AD/HD will be among those to benefit from
this legislation in several important ways:

The bill applies to chronic physical or mental conditions that limit
children's everyday activities and while all children with AD/HD do not fit
this definition, many do. The basic provision would allow states to permit
those families that are above the financial limit for eligibility for SSI
benefits to buy into Medicaid, thus supplementing other insurance they
have or keeping coverage they would otherwise lose.

The demonstration programs that would be authorized would extend Medicaid to
children whose disabilities are not yet severe enough to meet SSI's
definition, but would be expected to become severe if they do not receive
appropriate healthcare.
Lastly, the Family-to-Family Health Information Centers would be similar to
the current educational information and training centers in each state, in
that they would let parents benefit from the experience of others.
Individual families would not have to start at the beginning to learn what
resources are available and what the process is to obtain health care

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is a neurobiological
disability that affects three-to-five percent of school-age children and
approximately two-to-four percent of adults. AD/HD is characterized by
developmentally inappropriate impulsivity, attention, and in some cases,

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
this is an absolute lie. Their is no proof that
ADHD is anything neurological or biological. For CHADD to say so is
fraudulent. Just as the Supreme Court, anti-junk science, Daubert
decision holds that the best science should be sought and should apply
in courts or law, it should apply in the Congress and in the Senate and
in all state legislatures before laws are passed in their original
form. There should be thorough testimony on the issue of the validity
of ADHD as an actual disease, before this or any other ADHD-specific
legislation is passed. ]

Although individuals with AD/HD can lead highly successful
lives, without identification and proper treatment AD/HD can have serious
consequences, including school failure, depression, conduct disorder, failed
relationships, and substance abuse. Early identification of the disorder and
appropriate treatment increase the likelihood of positive long-term

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
remember this is CHADD speaking, invented by
Ciba-Geigy/Novartis, manufacturer of Ritalin, for Ciba-Geigy/Novartis,
manufacturer of Ritalin. Without the invented, contrived, fraudulent
disease, ADHD, there would be virtually nothing to prescribe Ritalin

Up to 70 percent of children with AD/HD will continue to exhibit symptoms of
AD/HD in adulthood. Long-term studies show that children who receive
adequate treatment for AD/HD have fewer problems with school, peers and
substance abuse, and show improved overall function, compared to those who
do not receive treatment.

Founded in 1987, CHADD, with over 22,000 members in 250 affiliates
nationwide, works to improve the lives of people affected by AD/HD through
collaborative leadership, advocacy, research, education and support: CHADD
CARES. For additional information about AD/HD or CHADD, contact the
toll-free number at 1-800-233-4050, or visit the CHADD website at



  by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

It is time to put names and faces to the fraud of ‘biological
psychiatry’ and the legal/licit drugging of America.

Peter Jensen, MD, formerly of the National Institute of Mental Health,
now of Columbia University in New York City, and Steven Hyman MD,
Director of the NIMH, spoke at the 12th annual, 2000, CHADD (Children &
Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders)  meeting in Chicago.  Both, as
always, did their best to blur the indelible line between being normal
and abnormal, that is, between being in good health and having a disease
(an abnormality)  "All diseases are ‘temporary constructions’" said
Jensen.  Why render vague something that is so simple and
straightforward: a disease is an objective physical abnormality—no
visible abnormality, no disease!  He spoke of treatments for the real
actual diseases, cholera, HIV and peptic ulcers and of having prevention
or intervention before knowing the cause or causes.  In so doing he was
making the point that ADHD could, likewise have prevention and
intervention before it’s cause/causes are known.  But the former
diseases-- cholera, HIV and peptic ulcers, are real by virtue of each
having characteristic, objective physical abnormalities.  It is entirely
logical to speak of their having or not having a known cause or causes.
However, no physical abnormality has ever been shown or proved in
ADHD—it has not been validated as a disease; an abnormality.   It is not
logical or appropriate to speak of it’s cause being known or not known
when it—ADHD—has not yet been proven to exist, when it has not been
proven to be a disease.

This is a regular ploy used by all in biological psychiatry, meant to
blur the line between disease and non-disease, so as to allow talk, as
if legitimate, of psychiatric/psychological conditions in the same
breath in which one speaks of actual diseases.  The ones they pick for
analogy are diabetes treated with insulin, epilepsy with anticonvulsant
drugs, and cancer, with chemotherapy.  They often add, in the same
breath, the same sentence: ADHD (with it’s ‘chemical imbalance’) treated
with Ritalin (the ‘chemical balancer’).  Jensen continued with his
attempt to distinguish the prototypical, psychiatric, invented disease,
ADHD from the increasingly popular and ever more prevalent bipolar
disorder, no less an invention, similarly devoid of an objective brain
abnormality, despite which, they refer to it as well, as ‘neurobiologic’
making the deception complete.  However if the drugs sell and sales
remain healthy, the propaganda campaign is continuing to win out against
the lack of scientific proof, and the psychopharm ‘bottom line’ is
healthy, and that  is all that matters.

Steven E Hyman, director of the NIMH explained that the term ‘mental
disorders’ is archaic and denies any involvement of the brain (his
meaning: they are brain diseases) .  "There are problems with
circuits—thinking, emotion, behavior—that are very subtle."  "It’s not
like having a stroke or Parkinson’s where many cells are dead, AD/HD and
other "mental illnesses" are disorders of neural communication."
Having said and continuing to say, over and over again to US patients,
parents and the public that "There are problems with circuits…thinking,
emotion, behavior--that are very subtle…AD/HD and other "mental
illnesses" are disorders of neural communication," they have offered no
proof whatsoever that patients said to have such ‘diseases’ are other
than normal.  And these are the sorts of ‘diseases’ that Congress, the
Senate and courts across the country, seek to assure will be
appropriately diagnosed and treated, whether the patients and parents
want them diagnosed and treated.  I submit that such diagnosis and
treatment is never, ever appropriate, where medicine, including
psychiatry and psychology, claim-without-benefit-of-science-and-proof
that abnormality/disease, exists when it does not.  Diagnosis and
treatment under the circumstances is nothing other than tyranny, and
tyranny looks the same wherever it rears it’s head, even here in the
good old USA where there ain’t supposed to be no such thing.

The American Psychiatric Association, the Am. Acad. of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry, and all of organized psychiatry has full
knowledge of this fraud and deception.  The NIMH, funded with our tax
dollars, contrives/invents/fabricates their disorders/ ‘diseases’ out of
the perfectly normal emotional and behavioral problems of perfectly
normal infants (see on my web site their plan to ‘test’
Ritalin/amphetamines in infants) toddlers, preschoolers, schoolchildren
teens, and adults.  Believe them and there will be nothing left of a
‘normal childhood’ or of a normal anything.  Everyone meets their
diagnostic criteria, everyone is at risk—wake up America!  Wake up
Senators, Grassley, Kennedy, Wellstone, Frist (an MD who surely knows
better),  Congressman Waxman, Shays, and all of you supported by
receipts of Ritalin, Dexedrine and Adderall.   Not even Cocaine,
‘meth’,  and ‘speed’ dealers  target infants and toddlers.

The anti-junk science, 1993, Supreme Court, Daubert decision must not
only apply upon up- holding the law in our courts—you the law-makers
have no business legitimizing such things in the first place, things
like ADHD, CD, ODD and every last psychiatric ‘disease’ none of which
can be proved to be objective, demonstrable, diagnosable, diseases.
They are a perversion of science and medicine.  Made into law to be
enforced they are a tyranny unleashed upon the children, parents and
families of the nation.

Gentlemen, ladies of our US and state legislatures, before you pass
another law legitimizing/mandating the diagnosis and treatment of
another ‘biologically-based’, ‘neuro-biologic’, ‘neurobehavioral’
‘subtle’, psychiatric, brain disease, you must have all of the good
doctors of the NIMH and of CHADD's professional advisory board come
before you and prove to you that these are bona fide diseases needing
diagnosis and treatment.  None of them are. Not one.  There is no such
proof.  No parent anywhere in the US should be forced to drug their
child based on a psychiatric diagnosis.  No parent should have to
relinquish custody to allow for the diagnosis and treatment of any
psychiatric ‘disease.’

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