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To My Friends, Allies, Parents and Children, Everywhere,
from Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

I have been immensely moved, by the child on this Christmas
card–every-child, our children, our grandchildren.

Here is a child that psychiatry, pediatrics, and all in for-profit
medicine call/label/brand, an ADHD child–an active/hyperactive,
ever-curious, attentive/inattentive, impulsive/ self-contained,
beautiful, wonderful, ENTIRELY NORMAL CHILD!

How they act at any particular moment–and they act all of these ways
and are still normal–depends entirely upon the subject, program,
activity, creature, toy, tool or plant, at hand–or–upon their teachers
or parents, and whether or not their teachers and parents, know and
accept that they are normal and that they–the child–is their
responsibility to train/mold/shape/discipline; the child’s attention is
there to elicit and retain, and that if they do not, the child’s
inattention is their fault, not a disease–no emotional or behavioral
problem, ever, is a disease. Calling such things ‘diseases’ to make
‘medical patients’ of such ENTIRELY NORMAL CHILDREN, to treat/drug them
is the greatest health care fraud of all time–in a league with Hitler’s
doctors of infamy.

This crime has been given us by all of psychiatric and medical academia
in collusion with the world-wide pharmaceutical industry. Alarmingly,
this, most-monstrous of medical crimes has been authored and
orchestrated (with CHADD) by an agency of the US Government–the
National Institute of Mental Health, and the National Institute of
Health itself (of the Department of Health and Human Services, Secretary
of which is Tommie Thompson).

Such ENTIRELY NORMAL CHILDREN are wonderful, marvelous–capable of
things we cannot possibly imagine, much less predict. Their potential is
unknown, immeasurable–no matter what psychology and psychiatry say.
They are our future, the future of the human race, the earth, our solar
system, our universe!

We must know and believe, however irksome, difficult, demanding, trying,
impossible they are, that they embody all of this potential and more. It
is our job, as the adults in their lives, to provide them a place to
realize this potential. This starts with making every one of them
literate and continues, always, by hoping and aspiring for them and
making every opportunity available. This is what my parents did for me
and for my brother. There is no greater gift–both to the
children–themselves, and to ourselves.

On the other hand, every psychiatric/psychological label and test score
presumes to measure the immeasurable, inevitably belittling the child,
setting false ceilings. It is up to us to be sure that they are labeled
no more with false/fraudulent ‘disease’ labels and that they become no
bio-psychiatrist’s patient to drug, disable and destroy.

Such is ‘biological psychiatry’–the present-day, for-profit-alone,
perversion of medicine and science–a heinous, incomparable crime.

I congratulate and encourage all who fight this evil and defend our

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