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  Marion Crecco                                       1/24/01
  Assemblywoman, 34th District
  Bloomfield, N.J., 07003
  Dear Assemblywoman Crecco,
  I am sorry not to have responded specifically to the articles you sent;
  I have yet to read them.  I continue to send writings to you on the
  lynch-pin of the fraud--that no scientific evidence exists to support
  ADHD behaviors as anything other than normal behaviors in normal
  The National Institute of Mental Health plans to begin drug trials in
  children two (yes, 2)  years and
  up is devoid of scientific or medical justification, and should it
  proceed, should be viewed as criminal, with the appropriate filing of
  charges against those who author and perform the drugging and represent
  it to be legitimate  'research.'   I urge everyone concerned about the
  caring, ethical treatment of our nation's children to write to the NIH
  and the new Secretary of DHHS and urged that it be stopped before the
  first normal infant/toddler is drugged.
  Shortly (if they haven't already) the journal SCIENCE, will publish my
  letter to the editor on this 'research,' referred to as PATS--the
  Preschool ADHD Treatment Study.  I pointed out the problem--the same
  problem from which all ADHD practice and research suffers--that it
  doesn't exist--never has.  My letter to SCIENCE:
   "Regarding the Preschool Treatment Study that Marshall describes in his
  article--there is no disease. No proof exists that ADHD is a disease
  with a validating abnormality. Yet the public is told it is a "disease"
  (1), that it is  neurobiologic" (2) or "neurobehavioral" (3). W. Carey
  (U. of Pennsylvania), testified at the National Institutes of Health
  (NIH) Consensus Conference on ADHD in 1998 that "ADHD…appears to be a
  set of normal behavioral variations" (4). The Consensus Conference Panel
  concluded: "we do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD…no
  data…indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction" (5). Every
  physician has the responsibility to distinguish disease from absence of
  disease and to communicate this to their patients and the public."
  I just testified by phone on the ADHD/Ritalin 'epidemic' to a special
  committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature.  It seemed to work quite
  well obviating the cost of my being physically present.  I would be
  happy to consult, in this way, whenever you say, with you and your
  colleagues of the New Jersey legislature.
  Sincerely yours,
  Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD
  Neurology, Child  Neurology (board certified)
  El Cajon, CA, 92019

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