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Bernard S. Alpert, MD, President                                           November 3, 2001

Medical Board of California 1426 Howe Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95825-3236

Dear President Alpert, & Members of the MBC,

In the November 20, 2001, Family Circle magazine, the
psycho-pharmaceutical cartel has a 7-page “special advertising
supplement” in which its leaders, including the Richard K. Harding,
President of the American Psychiatric Assn. and Surgeon General, David Satcher,
cast aside the term “disorders” and forthrightly proclaim that they
diagnose and treat “diseases”—brain diseases.  So saying they lie to all Americans and
trample their right to informed consent and self-determination.

Children and adults all over the country are told they have
“brain diseases”/

“chemical imbalances”, when, in fact, they are
entirely normal.  They are made into

medical patients, although they have no medical
diseases.   Thus deceived and labeled,
they are drugged, shocked and institutionalized against their will.  Parents who resist are deemed
“negligent” /”unfit” and have their children taken from
them and put up for adoption, in the name “medical diagnosis and
treatment.”  Diane Booth of Las
Gatos, one such parent, presently seeks refugee status in Vancouver, BC in
hopes of seeing her 6 year-old son again. 

In 1948 “neuropsychiatry” was split into the “neurology” and
“psychiatry,” the former dealing with organic diseases of the nervous system,
the latter with emotional & behavioral problems in physically/medically
normal persons.  All non-psychiatric
physicians know it is we who rule out organic disease before referring patients
to a psychiatrists.  Only the public is
deceived.  Psychiatry’s claims of
“diseases” and “chemical imbalances” have no basis in medical science and is
nothing more than a contrived, market-place deception—one authored and
orchestrated by the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the NIH, the NIMH, the American Academy of
Pediatrics, and the American Medical Association.  Nor is this list complete. 

I would urge that you ask Director, Steven E Hyman of the
NIMH, Surgeon General

David Satcher, and Richard K. Harding, President of the
American Psychiatric Association to cite, the proof that even a single
psychiatric condition/entity is a bona fide disease having (as it must) a
confirming, objective physical/chemical abnormality within the brain or body of
the person (not a patient until they are shown to be abnormal/diseased).  

Testifying before Congress (September 29, 2000), and sitting
next to David Fassler, MD, representing both the APA and the AACAP, I
stated:  “It would be fraudulent of
anyone to claim that any psychiatric condition is an actual disease.”  Dr. Fassler sat mute.

Claims such as those I have cited from Family Circle, and
such as are posited daily by organized psychiatry are in violation of SB 836,
Figueroa, under which:

“… it is unlawful for any person
licensed in the healing arts to disseminate or cause to be disseminated any
form of public communication, as defined, containing a false, fraudulent,
misleading, or deceptive statement or claim, for the purpose of inducing the
rendering of professional services or furnishing of products in connection with
the licensed person’s professional

practice or business, as

It is also, in violation of the California Uniform
Controlled Substances Act which states [page 36, Article 2, 11190. Prescriber’s
Record for Schedule II Substance]:

“The prescriber’s record shall show
the pathology and purpose for which the prescription is issued, or the
controlled substance administered, prescribed, or dispensed.” 

As we all know, there is no pathology/objective
abnormality/disease in ADHD—for which Schedule II, controlled substances are
invariably prescribed.  There is no
pathology in any psychiatric condition/diagnosis. 

Special scrutiny is warranted for the Preschool ADHD
Treatment Study (PATS), just launched at UCLA and UCI in which 3-5 year olds
are to be “treated” for ADHD for which there is no organic substrate or medical
legitimacy, at any age. 



Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

1303 Hidden Mountain Dr.

El Cajon CA 92019

619 440 8236

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