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CSR wrote:

 I would like to receive any information you have on the drug
 Wellbutrim.  My ex-husband and his wife have put my daughter on this
 drug and I am concerned.  Please respond to C S

 Thank you for your help.

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD wrote:

Dear CSR, Wellbutrin, chemical name bupropion is prescribed
exclusively for psychiatric diagnoses or symptoms. Remember that
psychiatrists do not diagnose/identify/establish the presence of, any
actual disease/abnormality of the brain or any other part of the body.
Claims that they do, that psychiatric disorders are diseases due to
chemical imbalances of the brain are wholly fraudulent. They are paid to
say such things by the pharmaceutical industry for whom they are
‘pushers’. In that they pervert science and diagnosis–the distinction
between having a disease and having no disease, i.e., being normal, they
no longer function as ethical physicians. What this means is that there
is no disease on the risk side of the risk vs. benefit equation where
Wellbutrin (or other psychiatric drugs) are concerned. Wellbutrin
therefore does not target a proven abnormality in the patient–there is
none. Rather, as a foreign chemical, it has the potential to cause all
sorts of physical injuries to the patient. There being no disease, the
Wellbutrin–the treatment itself, is the only possible source of
physical injury. What those injuries might be are described in fully 6
pages in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference). Your daughter, like all
patients with only a psychiatric diagnosis, was physically normal until
their psychiatric drug, a foreign substance, is begun. All such
substances alter and damage their previously normal brain–their organ
of learning, adapting, adjusting. It exposes the entire body to the
risk of physical injury. This is not a risk vs. benefit that any parent
should allow for their normal children. Good luck trying to convince
the father of the facts of the risk/benefit analysis. In the absence of
a disease, an abnormality, this is not ‘treatment’ but ‘drugging.’ Like
the false/fraudulent label, such ‘treatment’ inevitably says to the
child: “my brain is not normal”–”I need the drug, the ‘treatment’ to
control myself, to function, to be normal, even nearly normal.” What a
horrible, heinous thing to do to any normal child. Has the father
forgotten the importance of learning his daugher was ‘normal’ when she
was born.

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