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tammy marie kubiak wrote:

  Message from Tammy 2/25/01:

  talked to jeff

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The 12 yr old son she lost legal custody of because she took him off
of 3 psychiatric drugs that were making him zombie-like. None were prescribed for an
actual disease because no psychiatric illness/disorder is an actual disease]

  and seen him today he is
  complaining of feeling dizzy again and headaches, they
  also restrained him today too

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
In the past, when in psychiatric custody, bruising was blamed on the mother].

  i called my other 2 children and i was told i could
  not speak to them and that cps worker said so.
  i am so emotionally drained right now. i miss my kids,
  i can't seem to stop crying (this isin't good)
  well gotta go to work and i don't want too. i guess
  the state is bitching about my job too.
  it seems l.ike they are searching in every little
  corner to try to find something on me.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Tammy Kubiac's son Jeff, 12 years old is said to have ADHD, Conduct Disorder and
PTSD. None of them are actual diseases in the sense that diabetes, epilepsy and cancer
are real diseases with real abnormalities in the person needing treatment to make them
normal or more nearly so. But despite the fact that Jeff has no real, actual bona fide
disease, the mental health industry and courts practicing mental health can hold a parent
negligent who refuses to 'treat' their normal children with psychiatric drugs--all of
which are brain damaging.

Tammy, help will come, I am sure. Many many people around the country are outraged at the
crime committed against you and your children in the name of 'mental health' 'treatment'.

Again, Dr. Hyman, as Director of the NIMH, if you were to call the Buffalo, NY judge in
Tammy's case and explain to her as you did to me in your letter to me of September 28,
2000, that ADHD has never been proven to be a diagnosable disease, her stand against
psychiatric drugging would be vindicated and her children would be returned to her.]

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