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Comments by Fred A. Baughman, Jr., MD 9/19/99

  A.D.D. is B.S.
  by Rush Limbaugh

  Many of you got mad at me for saying Attention-Deficit Disorder is an
  invented disease. Now, charges have been filed against the company that
  makes Ritalin alleging this same fact. In separate class action suits filed
  in San Diego and Hackensack, New Jersey, Richard Scruggs, the lawyer who led
  the movement against the tobacco industry, set his sights on Ritalin.

[Dr. Baughman:
Rush, God bless you--it is, as I testified at the
ll/16-18/98, National Institutes of Health Consensus Conference on ADHD,
a "total, 100% fraud." It was when it was invented by the American
Psychiatric Association in 1980, as ADD, it was when revised for
DSM-III-R as ADHD in 1987, it was when revised again for the DSM-IV in
1994, it is today, and it is destined to always be--and they know it,
that is mental health, organized medicine, US education, the
pharmaceutical industry and the US federal government, know it. The
National Institute of Mental Health, an institute in the NIH and Surgeon
General, David Satcher have spear-headed the totally fraudulent claim
that ADHD and all mental/emotional/psychological conditions are
diseases-brain diseases, due to 'chemical imbalances/ of the brain. If
the class-action attorneys cannot prove this one...well, all I can say
is it should be a slam dunk.]

  The Mississippi attorney alleges that the makers of the drug conspired with
  the American Psychiatric Society to "create" this disease and then sell
  parents drugs to solve them. Scruggs called Ritalin the nation's "next
  class-action battleground," and he's going to go after this case like he did
  Big Tobacco and, before that, asbestos.
  Of course, these allegations are denied by both the APS and the company that
  makes Ritalin. They deny that they've expanded the definition of
  Attention-Deficit Disorder to include normal people so they can treat more
  kids. Those of you out there who are against me on this agree, no doubt, but
  I still believe ADD is a modern name for what we used to call hyperactive or
  energetic children.

[Dr. Baughman:
They have not "expanded the definition of Attention-Deficit Disorder to
include normal people," nowhere in the 6-7 million, mostly children,
said to have it, is there an iota of proof of an objective physical or
chemical abnormality confirming that even one of them has a disease; is
other than normal--ADHD, is a "total, 100% fraud." (see


  I know many of you are saying, "Rush, you've ripped these trial and tobacco
  lawyers a new clymer, and now you're siding with this Scruggs! You've
  criticized the tobacco settlement, but now the same bunch of lawyers get
  together and you think it's a great idea? They're going against Ritalin and
  ADD, so now they're okay?"
  Well, here's the proper question for all of you who think this ADD is a
  serious disease. Many of you thought Big Tobacco was eeeevil. They were Joe
  Camel and the Marlboro Man. They were a huge corporate entity that didnt
  care who they killed, because new customers were being born every day. Big T
  was cold, heartless and cruel! Lawyers who sued them were doing a great
  thing, trying to get rid of this poison from our society.
  So here's the question. Those of you who admired the lawyers then, who
  thought they were great Americans who were justified in making billions in
  these tobacco cases, what say you now? Those same lawyers charge there's no
  ADD and no need for Ritalin. They say these are normal kids being drugged up
  for no reason other than to illegally drive up profits for psychiatrists and
  the drug company.

[Dr. Baughman:
You've got it Rush, you've got it: "Those same lawyers (that
sued big tobacco) charge there's no ADD and no need for Ritalin. They
say these are normal kids being drugged up for no reason other than to
illegally drive up profits for psychiatrists and the drug company."
ADHD is a fraud, there is no chemical imbalance, no brain abnormality,
the kids are normal--all of them-until, that is, the poisons (the
definition of drugs taken, accidently or otherwise, by normal children)
begin circulating through their brains and bodies, every nook and
cranny, every cell, changing every one- changing their brains and hearts
permanently, we know. Matthew Smith, 14 of Clawson, MI and Stephanie
Hall, 11 of Canton, OH both died from Ritalin damage to their hearts,
although the conspirators being sued say otherwise--they always say
otherwise. Follow the money]

  So how do you reconcile this? I know how passionate you are about ADD out
  there. Why, it was the perfect way to explain the inattention, incompetence,
  and inability of adults to control their kids. It helped you mask your own
  failings, by doping up your children to calm them down.

[Dr. Baughman:
you've got it Rush, you've got it: "the perfect way to
explain the inattention, incompetence,and inability of adults to control
their kids. It helped you mask your own failings."]

  But now we learn, this may all be a hoax and that revelation is brought to
  you by the same people you respected and admired in the fight against Big

[Dr. Baughman:
You've almost got it Rush, you've almost got it. You say
"this may all be a hoax." My testimony at the November 16-18, 1998,
National Institutes of Health ADHD Consensus Conference went as follows:
"Without an iota of proof or credible science, the National Institute of
Mental Health (part of the Department of Health and Human Services of
the US Government has proclaimed the behaviors of ADHD a "disease," and
the children "brain-diseased," "abnormal." CHADD (Children and Adults
with Attention Deficit Disorders, 35,000-strong, funded by Ciba-Geigy
(now Novartis Corp), manufacturer of Ritalin, has spread the
"neuro-biological" lie. The US Department of Education, absolving
itself of controlling the children and rendering them literate, coerces
the labeling and drugging...ADHD has no clothes! It is not a matter of
misdiagnosis or over-diagnosis, it is a total, 100% fraud!" Total, 100%
fraud = hoax. I think we can agree on that Rush. This should be a
'slam dunk.'

PS: Rush, I was an invited speaker on the program of the Consensus
Conference. The NIH, our federal government videotaped the event. When
I got my copy of the videotape, I had been deleted. What an amazing
accident. Nor have the organizers--our NIH, our federal govenment told
me how such a thing could happen.]

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