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Sun Deficit Disorder–What next?

   S__n wrote Dr. Baughman, 1/24/01:
      In an unsuccessful attempt at scanning the "net",  re: "sun deficit
      disorder", I came across an article intiated by you with your e-mail
      address.  If there is any information re: "sun deficit disorders", I would
      be grateful to receive it.  I have a 15 year old daughter who is
      borderline, bi-polar depending on the sun shining.  We live in Ohio and
      with our climate, this is a major problem.  I hope there is information
      you or a collegue could bring to my attention.  Thank you.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
S__n, I have written of many DSM-IV, psychiatric disorders but not this
one. Perhaps it is a subtype of SAD–seasonal affective disorder. I try to
keep track but the APA invents them at such a clip that I can’t. Nor are
they funny, as they seem at first blush, people actually believe their
claims of ‘biology’, ‘disease’ and ‘chemical imbalances’ and then put
themselves (not so bad) and their minor children (tragic) on the
brain-altering, brain-damaging ‘chemical balancers’ which is all they offer
today as ‘treatment.’

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