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Fred Baughman, MD, Sun. 11/24/02

In 2000. Steven Miran, MD, Medical Director of the American
Psychiatric Association, testified to the US House of Representatives
(House Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education
Appropriations” April 5, 2000.): “scientific research over the last two
decades has shown that severe mental illness and addictive disorders
are…diseases of the brain with a strong genetic and biological basis.”
On September 29, 2000, I testified to the House of Representatives,
Committee on Education and the Workforce, hearing entitled “Behavioral
Drugs in Schools: Questions and Concerns,” that it would for any
physician to say that any psychiatric diagnosis or condition is a
disease, would be fraud.

It occurs to me now that every psychiatrist and other kind of
physician, and every mental health advocacy group (NAMI and CHADD in
particular) who has testified regarding mental health before the US
Congress and before State Governments have, in fact, testified that all
such psychiatric entities (in the DSM) are diseases; brain diseases,
genetic diseases, due to “chemical imbalances” of the brain, when none
of them are–not a single one. There is not one in which a gross,
microscopic or chemical abnormality has been or can be demonstrated, and
this is what makes their, and Miran’s (the APA’s) claim of disease
fraudulent. And this of course is what the public and all who currently
are patients are told. Consider this as well:

In the November 20, 2001, Family Circle magazine, the
psycho-pharmaceutical cartel has a 7-page “special advertising
supplement” in which its leaders, including the Richard K. Harding,
President of the American Psychiatric Assn. and Surgeon General, David
Satcher, cast aside the term “disorders” and forthrightly proclaim that
they diagnose and treat “diseases”-brain diseases. So saying they lie
to all Americans and trample their right to informed consent and
self-determination. Would not saying this to the Congress be
perjury–contempt of Congress. Did not David Satcher in his term as
Surgeon General, thus perjure himself before the Congress? One would
just have to go back through Congressional hearings having to do with
mental health to compile a list of the perjurors. CHADD has been at
every state legislature hearing on ADHD/Ritalin that I have been at and
have given the “disease” lie as their sworn testimony.

Novartis, manufacturer, not just of Ritalin, wrote to a committee of
the Wisconsin legislature to whom I had testified, rebutting my
assertion that ADHD was not a bona fide disease, insisting, though
unsworn, that it was.

All physicians are trained in pathology–diseases, and to know what
the difference is between disease and no disease and all physicians
remain responsible throughout their careers for this very distinction.
This make Miran’s and Harding’s and other physician’s claims that
psychiatric conditions are diseases, a lie, perjury, fraud or even
contempt of Congress.


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