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 D___a wrote:
    Dear Dr Baughman
    Please, could you help.
    Do you know of anyone in the Netherlands working along your, or
    similar, lines?
    My brother and sister-in-law are having a big problem with their very
    gifted 14-year-old son. Also very problematic at school. He is on
    RITALIN for about a year now. A psychiatrist prescribed it immediately
    when they went to seek professional help. Since then the situation has
    gone from bad to worse - most probably caused by the RITALIN side
    effects... The family is going through hell on earth. The boy has
    become more aggressive and even violent, as well as obsessive,
    paranoid, maniatic, etc...
    I myself and my other sister are very concerned. We are trying to help
    them in some way. They seem to have found themselves in a vicious
    circle of reacting and behaving - having, it seems, lost the capacity
    of critical observation and thought.
    Since I didn¹t know anything about RITALIN I started to read about it
    and am terrified with what I¹m finding out... As I see it now, the
    drug was prescribed to my nephew too hastily, unnecessarily, and for
    absolutely the wrong reasons.
    I was impressed by your WEB SITE. Since I myself was unable to trace
    anyone in Holland working along your lines I was wondering if maybe
    you yourself were aware of anyone who did and could indicate them to
    If not, is there maybe a possibility of sending the boy to America to
    be treated by you in some centre run by you?

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD wrote:

Dear Daria, it should be possible to find and pediatrician there who
knows these drugs are not a legitimate treatment for anything. None of
the entities for which children are given Ritalin and related
amphetamines are other than fabrications, illusory ‘diseases’ without
which psychiatry and the psychopharmaceutical industry (this is the
biggest sector of the pharmaceutical industry) would have nothing to
‘diagnose’ and ‘treat.’ Given that the children are not disease, but
NORMAL, what we have is poisoning. I have two allies in Europe that may
know who to direct the family too. It should not be necessary for them
to leave their country to find appropriate help un-drugging him and
giving him back a normal life. Further, I would advise you call Holland
or other chapters of the Citizen’s Commission on Human Right–CCHR; they
stand for psychiatric reform and justice. There number in the US is 1
800 CCHR. Good luck to you all, Fred Baughman, MD

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