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D**** W*****, Ph.D. wrote:

  Greetings, Dr. Baughman,
  I have admired your site and writings from afar.
  I am the sole doctoral level psychologist serving native people of the
  Yakama Nation in Central Washington.
  I received a great deal of flack for writing a position paper refusing to go
  along with ADHD diagnosis and suggesting that ADHD is culturally oppressive
  to Indian children, who get shuffled into special ed classrooms.
  Recently, I partnered on a letter to directors of a 'brochure project' on
  ADHD to be issued through Division 29, Psychotherapy (of all places!), of
  the American Psychological Association. We used contradicting evidence to
  refute 3 very deceptive statements in the brochure draft and asked that the
  draft be revised.
  Our letter was respectfully received and our request that the brochure be
  revised was simply ignored. Therefore, we are seeking to post and distribute
  this letter from 11 APA member/psychologists in as many places as we can.
  We were wondering if you might be willing to carry the letter at your sight
  and/or comment or provide further contact points for us.
  Thanks for your help and advocacy!
  Shek pawchway! (Good day to you!)

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
David, much courage is required, and you have shown it. The representation
of any psychological/psychiatric condition/donstruct to be a physical
abnormality/disease, is pure fraud. More power to you and your patients.]

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