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I am a licensed counselor and have been working in the "mental health" field
for 20 years. I have interacted with 100's of children. Very few in my
opnion would qualify for a "mental illness diagnosis". The concept of
children being mentally diseased is not only a myth but a huge excuse
created by a groups of adults(societies)that enables them to put
responsibilty any where but where it really needs to be and that is with
themselves. The experiences we expose children to are in fact what is
responsible for what ultimately is produced. But no, rather than society
recognize this it would rather label, sedate, "scientificaly treat" and
ultimately the tide continues to rise where extreme dysfunction is becoming
acceptable just as if it were "the common cold"

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
JS, Thank you for sharing the simple truth with us. Your clients
will get the message they need and will bet better, not worse-equipped, the
next day to take on life and its never-ending challenges. The claim of the
psychiatric/psychologic/pharmaceutical/government cartel today, is that all
DSM labels, all things emotional and behavioral are brain diseases due to
"chemical imbalances" This is never based on science or fact but is always
a lie and deception having as it's primary goal to "feed" pharma and to have
every one--all of them "patients" now, accept that they need a "chemical
balancer." This is 100% fraud, the greatest health care fraud in US
history, 2nd only to the medicalization of death in the WW II

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