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  I only hope that you will learn the truth and not buy the lies.  Your
  welfare is at stake.  I recommend you e-mail, Dr. Fred Baughman and tell him your story.
  Patricia Weathers
  Parents for Label and Drug Free Education
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    Could someone please help us as to what we should do. We met with a

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: first mistake]

    to discuss aggression/ODD

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
no matter what they call them, these are not, never
have been, diseases/neurological abnormalities. No matter how trying,
persistent, parental wisdom yet unimagined, staying power, as in centurys
gone by, are called for are the answer]

    issues regarding our three year old
    son. Over the past year and a half, we have worked with a child
    psychologist, allergist, homeopath, naturalpath, occupation therapist,
    etc.. We reluctantly decided to meet with a psychiatrist out of
    desperation. This highly recommended child psychiatrist started our 3
    year old son on adderall xr (5mg once a day)

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
ODD/ADHD said to be
diseases, never are, speed is speed is speed is always addictive and
always,.every single dose, brain damaging. The risk/benefit ratio never
computes. This, in my opinion is frankly criminal]

    on June 20th. I gave him his first
    dose at 7:00am. He ingested about 2-3mg of the 5mg dose. He was fine all
    day. Fell asleep at 6:00pm and awoke at 10:00pm in the most horrific
    hallucinations I have ever witnessed. He saw and felt ants, flys and bees
    crawling up his skin biting and stinging him. He got silverware to rake up
    and down his legs to "kill" the bugs so they would stop hurting him. He
    envisioned birds flying down and biting away at his head and face. He was
    feeling all of this as well as envisioning it. He saw snakes crawling
    through our carpeting. Our couches and beds were turning into tigers
    trying to attack him. He was desperatley thrashing around and screaming
    for his life. He sounded like a child who was getting physically abused.
    We for hours tried to help him through this in a total loss as to what was
    happening to him. Our little baby was terrified and in pain beyond
    understanding. We called 911 and the fire dept & paramedics said all we
    could do is "ride it out at our home or in the children's hospital. We
    agreed taking him to the hospital would be more traumatic especially is
    they tried to physically restrain him (papoose). We called the
    psychiatrist at 4:00am and he said this was a common side effect that he
    has seen many times in children under the age of five. This medication is
    typically prescribed to children over the age of six. If this was such a
    common side effect, why did he not tell us this when we asked during our
    appt. on the 20th? He said the side effects would be loss of appetite,
    possible insomnia, headache and stomach ache. The warnings on the
    prescription labels did not mention hallucinations either. We had to place
    our 3 year old on anti-psychotic medicine (risperdal) to counteract the
    effects of the adderall xr. The doctor said these hallucinations would go
    away within 6 to 8 hours. Saturday & sunday came to increased dosages of
    risperdal because the hallucinations did not go away. Our son, and us, had
    not slept (literally) for almost three days. We couldn't take shifts with
    him because he was in such awful shape we didn't want to leave him to just
    one parent at all. It was too difficult to handle. We also had a one year
    old baby as well. Monday, tuesday, wednesday came and the hallucinations
    were still  there. Added to that were the fears that are now ingrained in
    our son. He cannot be alone in ANY room of our house or outside or
    anywhere. He cannot stand the carseat because if restrained, he feels he
    cannot fight off the bugs. He cannot go to sleep without the lights on. He
    cannot go to sleep without a 1-3 hour long stuggle promising him that the
    bugs will not get him when he closes his eyes. He wakes multiple times a
    night screaming that they are biting and eating him. We know this because
    he now has to sleep in bed with us since this drug was administered. He
    also had an incredible vocabulary which has regressed into babytalk over
    the last week. He was extremely outgoing and is now somewhat withdrawn.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I take it your child was normal at birth and at 3 when
you saw a psychiatrist who told you he wasn't and then assured, with his
poisons he wasn't. Think of the unimaginable fear he will live with now
because of the unimaginable hallusinations straight out of Exorcist]

    It is the 30th and our son no longer sees the tigers and birds but he does
    still see the black bugs and "fireflies". He does still feel them in his
    bedsheets. He now hears things that he was not hearing at the beginning
    stages of hallucinations. His psychiatrist (who spent 30 minutes with him)
    is now stating that the drug did not do this to him

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: an absolute
lie. Their persistence is pathological--due to brain damage from the

    . It probably sparked
    someting in his brain that was already there. This is so wrong. Our son
    never, ever, ever had anything remotely like this ever happen. The doctor
    could not provide us a response when we asked why he did not tell us about
    the possibility of hallucinations. We are so against drugs for children
    and it took us a long time and alternative searching before we ever made
    this decision to move forward with a psychiatrist. We have learned that
    the doctors are aware of this information regarding side effects but omit
    it from the list of side effects told to parents. We also learned that
    pharmaceutical companies have "hidden warnings" that are not provided to
    the public. They are verbally given to the doctors and in paper form to
    the pharmacies. This info rarely reaches society.
    This is so wrong what has happened to our child. Our three year old now
    has so many obstacles to overcome because of this omission of facts from
    the doctor and drug company. It is not right what has happened to our son.
    What should we do? Do we contact the FDA? What are our rights?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
In reality, they have spread drug money thoughout the Congess to
assure that they can poison your child, call it "treatment" damage and even
kill, and yet get away with it. You stand little or no chance (I have come
the hard way to know) of getting justice against anyone who is behind the
assault on your innocent baby. They may come for him again in the form of
forced psychiatry so to protect yourself, document in spades, write down
everything, pose questions to the psychiatrist in writing, registered mail
re every drug, every diagnosis, every reason he said treatment was essential
and document every failure to respond. If you decide to see an attorney, I
will speak with your attorney. The main thing is--never again such a drug,
never again a psychiatrist or any physician who would prescribe such drugs
or send you to a psychiatrist.]

    Are we now
    responsible for all of the therapy it is going to take to get him back

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
not necessarily...real love, consistent love, being there when the
fears come...this and time alone are the most important ingredients, and
probably, in one so young the only essential ingredients]

   to normal? Please help us. We are just lost. We are sad and we are so
   angry for trusting the doctor and pharmaceutical company

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:scum]

   for administering this
   drug to a three year old without proper warnings. They took away our
   choice to decide to move forward with the drug despite its side

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: violated, abrogated your informed consent. this is
medical malpractice]

    They made the choice for us when they decided not to tell us about its
    true side effects. What they have done to our child by omitting this
    information is unconscionable. Please respond our forward this to someone
    who can. We need direction as to where to go so other parents do not have
    to endure this awful circumstance.
    Thank you so much,
    P****** B******
    **********, *******

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