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Dear Dr. Baughman;

This is probably the hardest letter that I have ever had to write to a
stranger.  I sincerely hope that you can answer a couple of questions for

I am going to start with a little history so that you know the background
before I describe the problem.

In 1994 I gave birth to fraternal twins.  Their father and I had a very
turbulent relationship and in 1999 he was arrested for abusing the kids
physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually.  Shortly after his arrest
(July 1999) my then 5 year old son was hospitalized for the first time.

The hospital diagnosed him with "Clinical Depression", "ADHD" and "Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder" 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
these are represented to be diseases,
brain diseases due to abnormalities, chemical imbalances within the brain.
All such representations by organized medicine and psychiatry (APA) are a
fraud. If these are your child's only diagnoses, he is medically normal,
meaning there is no real treatment but that these drugs are poisons and must
be discontinued. This child/family, judicial-psychiatric rape is going on
all over the US]

  and placed him on 5 mg. of Ritalin 3 times daily
and 50 mg. of Wellbutrin SR 2 times daily.  The psychiatrist that we were
forced to see after his release soon increased the Ritalin to 15 mg. 3 times
daily and the Wellbutrin SR to 100 mg. twice daily.  He also added Vistaril
50 mg at bedtime.

In January of 2001 my son was hospitlized a second time.  This time the
diagnosis was "Depressive Disorder, NOS",  "ADHD", "ODD", "PTSD" and
"Explosive Behavioral Disorder".  

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
none actual diseases, more
fraud, total fraud]

They placed him on Dexadrine 10 mg. TID,
Risperdal .5 mg 4xd, and Wellbutrin SR 100 mg. BID.  The Risperdal we
determined in less than 36 hours of having him home from the hospital was an
overdose for him and it was decreased to .5 mg. BID and .25 mg BID (if that
makes sense). 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Not only is there no scientific/medical basis for
using any one drug, the more such drugs, the more brain damaging and the
more of an outright threat to life]

 He was taken off the Ritalin
because of "abnormal toxicity" to it.  Once again, back to the same
psychiatrist for outpatient care and less than a month after being placed on
the new meds the psychiatrist was "playing with" dosages.  Increasing the
Dexadrine and decreasing the Risperdal.  She attempted to place him on
BuSpar for "anxiety" and this was ruled OUT as a "good" choice for him
because *I* am deathly allergic to it.

I will admit to being *very* reisitant to playing with his medications.  I
did not, and do not, feel that it is in his best interests to be placed on
one medication after another trying to "find the mix that works" (in the
words of the psychiatrist).  In May of 2001 I refused to place him back on
Ritalin because it had already been shown to be *toxic* to his system.  In
June of 2001 my son and his twin sister were placed in foster care.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
this is the judicial-psychiatric rape of children/families of
which I spoke, referred to euphemistically as "custody
relinquishment." ]

In September of 2001 my son was placed on Ritalin without my knowledge OR
consent.  In December the court ordered the psychiatrist to obtain my
permission for ALL medication changes for my son.  In January of 2002 the
psychiatrist switched my son from Ritalin to Adderal but gave the foster
parents "permission" to re-start Ritalin should the Adderal prove to be
ineffective.  He was on Adderal LESS than 72 hours.  In April 2002 I was
finally asked to sign permission for my son to take Ritalin and informed
that if I did NOT sign the permission paperwork the psychiatrist would
obtain a court order to place my son on it.

Sometime between July 14, 2002 and March 16, 2003 my son was placed on
Ritalin 15 mg. TID, Risperdal .5 mg TID and Desyrel 50 mg. HS.  I have no
idea specifically when he was taken off the Wellbutrin SR and placed on the
Desyrel or WHY his meds were changed yet again.  On March 16, 2003 My son
started "visually hallucinating" and attempted to "slash his wrists" and
"physically assault" the foster mother.  He was placed in teh hospital yet
again and it was more than 36 hours before I was informed of his "emergency
admission" to the hospital.

Upon learning of the medications that he was on at the time of his admission
to the hospital I went to the pubilc library and researched the drugs in
question in the PDR.  If I am interpreting what I am reading correctly then
*someone* has been *over-medicating* my son with Ritalin.  What I am reading
is that the *maximum dose* of Ritalin is 60 mg (total) daily.  Am I reading
the PDR correctly?

According to the PDR that I consulted, as well as Medline and several other
similar publications, neither Risperdal nor Desyrel should be prescribed to
children because their safety and effacy have not been determined in use in
children.  Am I reading those 2 bits of information correctly?

Is there ANY way to get this child OFF these medications safely?  If so,
how?  I can believe that my son has PTSD given our traumatic past.  WHat I
cannot believe is the *rest* of the many and varied diagnoses that this
small NINE year old child has been labeled with.  

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I do not know
where you are Renee. None of this is the legitimate, ethical practice of
medicine, you must get your son off the drugs (preferably with a physician
helping you do this) and you must have all of the fraudulent labels that do
nothing but stigmatize and legitimize his poisoning, erased as well. Call
Amnesty International, ACLU, write everything down, write to Congressmen Dan
Burton, your Congressman, Senators, get an attorney somehow and have him/her
call me for counsel as to how to combat this evil, total, perverion of
medicine. Sincerely, Fred Baughman, MD ]


Renee *. ******* mailto: ********@*******.com

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