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R** G**** wrote:

Dear Dr. Fred A. Baughman Jr. I wrote you a few weeks ago annoucing
that my wife, behind my back took my 5 year old to our local Pediatrician
and lied about our sons frequent outbursts, so our doctor proclamed him ADHD
and precribed Adderoll XL on the spot.   Later a child Psycoliogst that he
recomemded met with both my wife and M**** and added Risberdal and concurred
with his buddy.  I was the father sho substituted the Adderall with a common
spice for 6 months and have the reports form both doctors and my wife on how
great he was doing during that time frame.  Last week I had to advise of my
substitutions and my wife left me with my son.  She went back to the
Psychiarist and he placed him immediatley back on Adderall XL. She filed for
divorce and left.   I am now involved in a custody case based on my wifes
inibility to cope with a Normal "Passionate" child. I just won the first
round and I now have vistitaion and the judge said he dosn't like these
drugs for children but because they were prescribed by an MD he couldn't
take M****** off without knowing he would not be causing any damage to the
child.  He did order that I was to immediatley  take and get him reevaluated
by doctors of my own choice.  I despiretly need your help. How do I get him
re eveluated while on the drugs?.   Who can I go to that is against this
also?? in this area We despiretly need your help.

The Judge is a good fair Traditional Judge that just need Expert advise
Help Please I just don't have much time...

Are you available as an expert witness
can you assists my attorney?  As this is happening fast and now.

R** G****
Tel: ***-***-****  WK
Tel:***-***-****   HM

My Attorney  The ***** Case
*** * ****a
T: ***-***-****
F: ***-***-****

We live in the ************ area.

Please help

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear R**, because every child psych diagnosis is said to be a brain
disease to get consent to drug, there is never true informed consent and
this violation is medical malpractice and what is done to the child
subsequently is assault and battery, poisoning. I am available to speak
with your attorney, and as expert witness. I have many allies in *****.
As blatant as the psych "disease" fraud is, it has proven
difficult-to-impossible to defend against, everyone, courts included are
snowed. My phone for your attorney to use is *** *** ****.]

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