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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dawn, today I mailed this letter to the Judge Edwards, and copies of both
letters with a "SUSPECTED CHILD ABUSE REPORT" to the Santa Clara County
Child Protective Service and the state. The mother, Diane Booth traveled
into Washington State from Canada, was arrested and, today, is held on two
charges of kidnapping (her own son) in the Okanogan, Washington jail. I
placed a call to her, there, on Wednesday, and was told they would have her
call me back. I have not heard from her but have been hearing from her
mother, who lives in the Buffalo, NY area. I just spoke with a prominent,
east coast attorney who may take her case.
Sincerely, FB]

  Dear Maria,
  I'm providing one more e-mail that details one of the saddest cases I know
  of concerning a little boy that was removed from his mother because the
  school said he had "ADHD", and the mother refused to put him on Ritalin.
  This is a copy of a letter which
  Dr Fred Baughman wrote to a judge.
  I've given you enough material to keep you busy this coming weekend.  Please
  share all with your daughter, and if she is still intent on listening to the
  fools who say Ritalin is the answer, then send me her phone number.  As I
  told you before, I have never failed to convince a parent that Ritalin is
  not the answer to troubling behaviors in children.

  To view letter click the following:   

Letter of February 6, 2003 to Honorable Leonard P. Edwards on behalf of
Diane Booth – by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

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