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Dear Sir:

Our 7 year old Grandson has been recommended for ADD diagnosis by his
teacher.  Although he has not undergone any testing, drug therapy concerns

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
the surest way to avoid the drugging of your child is to tell them,
in writing, with a copy to your attorney, state and US Representatives that
you have sent your child to school for an education and that you refuse to
authorize psychiatric/psychologic/mental health observation, testing, and
thus, diagnosis. If they persist, as often they do, the safest route would
be to place your child in a private or parochial school that you have
assured does not view such things as education. Stay and fight them
legally, if they persist, and you will lose and so will your child. ADHD is
not a disease, it is a fraud and the fundamental element in a drugging
scheme, authorized and enabled by the US government]

I would like to know
if there is any diet program that would benefit children who are being
labeled ADD?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
None! No medical, including nutritional
deficit/abnormality is known. These behaviors are not abnormal. Training
with consistence, both at home and in school are what is required. Good

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