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  Dr. B, in Thursday's paper I read an article that where I had filled
  Stephanie's Ritalin prescriptions, that the pharmacist through out the
  90's which is when I would go there would give out wrong dosages of
  medicine or the wrong medicine. He even filled prescriptions for deceased
  family members. I often had the feeling that something was not right with
  that drugstore after Stephanie died. However this was never looked into
  even though I mentioned it to the attorneys. Perhaps it says we are all
  human and make mistakes. However it also says to trust your intuition as
  it is never wrong.

  One more thing on Jan.4th an 8 year old girl was outside playing and
  before she hit the ground she was dead. Guess what the cause was.
  Cardiac Arrhythmia. Strange isn't it. Of course they said there was no
  family history of heart problems. Perhaps you could go to our newspapers
  website and get more info. I think the girl dying was Mon.
  or Tues. paper. And the pharmacy was Thurs. paper. Gotta run today is
  Steph's Birthday. off to the cemetery. Janet

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