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Dr. Baughman, I would be so grateful to hear from you about a
problem in my family. I don't know where to turn for help. I have a 23 yr
old daughter who was in College (her junior yr) last spring when she decided
to take a semester off of school because she was convinced that she was ADHD
I said to her honey you are not ADHD you are unorganized because you refuse
to stay at school you have your belongings spread out at home, school and
your boyfriends house and was traveling 40 miles back and forth several
times a wk. she didn't believe me she made an appt with a psycologist who
referred her to a psychiatrist who after 10 questions determined that she
was indeed ADHD she took her off of Paxil (which she was on for nearly 2yr)
immediately and put her on Adderal, almost  right away we saw a difference
in her personality (overly talkative and hyper)from there she went into a
manic state 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
you said it not me]

 which we tried to take care of
her at home until she was completely in a full blown mania, she was
hospitalized for 6 wks in the psyciatric unit and now they say well my
goodness she is bipolar , and they sent her home on depakote, zyprexa and
topamax, she was zombie like for a couple of months and now she is a little
better, taking 2 classes a semester at school 2 days a wk, but when she
doesn't have school she sleeps until 4pm , we are very worried about her and
do not knwo where to go from here, can you please advise me?? Thank you ,
sincerely Anne *******

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Anne, not a single psychiatric "disorder"/ "disease" is
an actual disease with a detectable abnormality in the body or brain and
this includes ADHD and bipolar/manic-depressive disorder. However all
drugs, especially all psychiatric drugs are foreign substances/chemicals and
are an intoxication, an actual disease. If you do not act appropriately she
will be physically harmed and will come to believe, forever, that she is
diseased, and will become and remain a life-long psychiatric patient. It
can be very difficult indeed to unlabel persons once psychiatrically
labeled. Good luck. ]

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