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Nicolas Martin (American Iatrogenic Association) wrote:

Dr. Baughman,
Thanks very much for your testimonials. You do a superb job
of slicing through the chicanery and laying bare the science.

As to your question, I can't think of anything more
difficult than to challenge a universally held cultural myth

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
carefully planned executed since about 1965].

Not only are Americans (and most of the educated
world) NOT moving closer to seeing through bogus
psychiatry, but they are solidifying their support for the
myth. Hence the support for insurance parity, which is
being held up only for economic reasons. Insurance parity
will dramatically amplify the harm psychiatrists can do
since their budgets will be much bigger.

Those of us who oppose the myth are few and far between.
Every authoritative agency and almost all professionals
with influence support the myth.

As you know, Thomas Szasz has been opposing the mental
health madness for 50 years, and continues to issue forth
writings on the subject, but his effect has been slight and
his view pessimistic. Breggin has been making useful noises
almost that long.

I am all for any effort to oppose the psychiatric monster,
and I don't want to discourage anyone. But I think it is as
likely that lawyers will prevail against ADHD as it would
have been for the Spanish Inquisition to have been
abolished by a lawsuit. Maybe we can win some skirmishes
and save some kids, but  the war will take time.

What you do is admirable and courageous. It gives me  and
others ammunition to continue on different fronts, just as
Valenstine helps you with his authority and good quotes.
So, I hope you will continue the good fight.

And it may turn out that I am wrong about the prospects and
at least the ADHD tragedy will be swept away. But as
Whitaker has shown, the myth has continued apace and
claimed many victims. We are all victims of this idiocy.
Just getting good ordinary medical care is often more
difficult due to psychiatric myths doctors share.

I haven't seen you quote Thomas Szasz, so I don't know if
you read him, but he has a new book coming out, "Liberation
by Oppression: A Comparative Study of Slavery and

(Search Transaction Publishers)

A longtime friend of mine, the former chairman of the U. of
Kentucky psychology department., is doing a review of it
for our website. He is another member of our elite group.
He wrote his own critique of the mental health industrial
complex, Mind Games (Robert Baker)

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
is it generally available] .

Kind regards,
Nicolas Martin
American Iatrogenic Association

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