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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Their program, devoid of medical/scientific legitimacy or ethics, targets
populations they know to be physically, medically normal, to whom they lie,
saying they (on the basis of their ADHD quiz) have a disease (which they
know is not) and then prescribe foreign compounds-poisons. This makes Eli
Lilly perpetrator of a fraud and the FDA (approving the insert wording
claiming ADHD a disease) and WebMD parties to a fraud. Despite the millions
"diagnosed" with ADHD, the first proven case, the first actual case
report... (shown to have a confirming, charactreristic abnormality) has yet
to be published.]

  First, I would like to introduce myself.  I am a 15 Year NCO in the
  USAF.  I fix aircraft for a living.  I feel I do so pretty well and have
  been lauded by my superiors at times.  I have done so all over the
  world, deployed for months at a time.  Well, now to the real purpose of
  this email.  I took a "ADHD" quizz at the WebMD website, sponsored by
  Eli Lilly (imagine that).  When I got done with it, it told me that I am
  "severly" stricken with ADHD.  Of course, that is because I put off
  doing boring work (on occasion), worry about things (who doesn't), and
  like to tap my foot when I think (a sign of fidgeting, right?).  I think
  I should let my superiors in on this right away, maybe they can get me
  some medication, hopefully from the Eli Lilly company.  I applaud your
  efforts to expose this Pharmaceutical-Psychiatric(and dare I say
  socialist) scam being perpatrated upon the American and world public.  I
  feel heinous about the poor folks who have been fooled and lied to about
  this.  Keep up the good work and good luck.
  (My viewpoint is not endorsed by nor indicative of the viewpoint of the
  USAF, DOD or the US Government.  It is entirely my own opinion.) 

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