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Hello I was reading about what you where saying about Ritalin.Am a
21 female with adhd i just found out about five months ago.I been taking
Ritalin at first I found them to be great but as the months have passed I
have lossed alot of weight and i don't sleep i throw up alot more then i
have in  in my life am sloweing getting off this drug.I never knew that it
could be this bad of me I feel if i don't get off it I well die
I just whated to thank u for opening up my eyes more about this drug and

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
For any professional to knowingly represent ADHD to be a disease is
fraud. To then-- having lied to that patient /person, violating their
informed consent rights--prescribe a drug of any sort, is assault and
battery. When such "treatment" results in death (200 deaths due to
Ritalin reported to the FDA 1990-2000) it must be considered murder and
the perpetrators must be duly charged.

Here we hear from a person addicted to Ritalin, usually represented by
CHADD as safe and non-addictive.]

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