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Hi Dr. Baughman,

I have just recently come upon your information, and I want to commend you.
I have been involved with children throughout my career in all kinds of
settings and I do agree that behaviours repugnant to care-givers and
educators are in no way indicative of a dis-ease that requires medication.
The children have brilliant minds that are far ahead of most of their
care-givers and when we don't recognize this we also leave the window open
for manipulation as a form of entertainment.  We must continue to
acknowledge the intelligience of the children and recognize that have a lot
to offer those that came before them.

C. A******

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Candice, now to stand strong against those bought off to deliver the
children for drugging. If only the educators of the country could see
themselves. Theirs is an ecstacy of having power over other, much like the
diagnosing ecstacy of the labeler of the Witches of Salem. That was pure
ecstacy; in this episode, there are billions of dollars in the mix,
especially at management, administrative levels. Candice consider joining
us at ASPIRE, I will ask Dawn Rider to contact you FB]

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