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How do I fight a school system that insists…

Jean Hoppe wrote:

How do I fight a school system that insists that my child is
ADHA and is constantly pushing me to have him put on Ritalin.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Jean, this is a tyranny, the individual parent or cohesive family cannot
fight them if they enlist CPS and local courts to the
labeling and drugging. Unless they have their hooks into you/your child
already the best thing to do is flee before they do, getting
your child to a private school you have convinced yourself does not view
psychiatry and drugging as education, or, to home schooling.
Stay and take them on--the county schools in county courts and you will
lose and be badly damaged--the entire family--in the process.
I long ago concluded I can not be of sigificant help in local family
court, county court cases. If you have an attorney are legally
engaged, I will speak with your attorney. fb.

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