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A** F**** wrote:

I am almost 16 years old and have been taking medication for ADD
since I was 5.  I'm on Concerta now.  Sorry to disappoint you, but it works!
When I dont take my medication, I can't concentrate or remember much.  And,
by the way, I'm NOT addicted.  If I were, I probably wouldn't forget to take
the Concerta as often as I do!

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
A**, at 5 you were to young to know and your parents, through whom your
informed consent right flow, were likely lied too and told ADHD was a
disease/chemical imbalance, one requiring treatment. There were 200
deaths from methylphenidate (which is what Concerta is) voluntarily
reported to the FDA between 1990 and 2000. There is no known imbalance
of the brain balanced by Concerta or any other medication to make of
this practice, science-based medicine. Your parents are still
responsible, in part, for your medical decision making, you and they
should learn the truth about the lies told the public by CHADD, the APA,
and all of psychiatry and the federal government. Sincerely, FB]

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