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I am currently enrolled at Rogue Community College, Medford, Oregon.
I am doing a paper on Ritalin, and would greatly appreciate any help or
guidance you could provide. Having been on Ritalin myself as a child, it is
my belief that it predisposed me toward drug abuse, which I battled for 8
years before breaking free 2 years ago. I wonder if this claim has ever
been made before, and if there is any evidence to support it.

Thank you so much for your time.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear C, See Nadine Lambert's research presented at the NIH Consensus
Conference. In her paper, Stimulant Treatment as a Risk Factor for
NicotineUse and Substance Abuse, she concluded:" This prospective
longitudinal study of ADHD and age-mate control subjects...has provided
evidence that
childhood use of CNS treatment is significantly and pervasively
implicated in
the uptake of regular smoking, in daily smoking in adulthood, in cocaine
dependance, and in the lifetime use of cocaine and stimulants" (p.198).
Dr. Lambert is a professor and the Chairperson of the UC-Berkeley
School Psychology Program. Nor is this a minority view. See also the
October, 1995, Methylphenidate Background Paper from the DEA. In
patently fraudulent research commencing right after the Consensus
Conference, "researchers" bought and paid for you Big Pharma do their
best to portray Ritalin/amphetamine treatment as non-addictive. You
would have a powerful legal case, assuming you can find an attorney who
understands the issues.]

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