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I first must say I am 13 years old. One of my friends is taking…

> name=Rachel H
> I first must say I am 13 years old. One of my friends is taking
> adderall when she doesnt need it because she doesnt have any kind of
> disease, she is just doing it because she says it helps her concentrate
> better in school. I want to know all the side effects that could happen to

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Rachel, you are somone's good friend, to be so concerned. ADD/ADHD the
reason most kids are put on Adderall, Ritalin and other such drugs, is as it
appears you know, a real disease--it is a deception by US psychiatrists and
by the pharmaceutical industry. Few, other than physicians themselves could
imagine such a deception; such a betrayal but that is what it is. The
amphetamines, and that is what Adderall is, are highly dangerous and
addictive. The brain and heart are damaged over time and the number of
deaths due to heart complications are not tracked, as they should be to
allow the public to know the
full extent of the risk. Tell your friend she is playing with 'fire' and
that she should promptly get a physicians assistance in getting off this
drug once and for all.

Sincerely, Fred Baughman, MD

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