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By Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 7-5-02

D***** wrote:

Dear FB,

I tried to e-mail L******* S**** but my e-mail was returned unknown. I
appreciate your help so very much. I am so confused if ADHD is not a
diagnosis how can situations like ours exist?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
V*****, in the 50's and 60's
as psych drugs were being synthesized, industry, market people took brain theory used by true brain scientists and proclaimed that theory re p
sychiatric conditions was fact and that normal emotional states were diseases
due to brain abnormalities. this is the crux of the fraud that from
that time to the present has one and all believing adhd, depression, anxiety,
cd, ocd, ptsd, etc are diseases needing med treatment--none are, the deception
has been brazen and total and not only have they lied to you they have
coerced in most instances, and that failing have called in cps,
and family courts and have court ordered acceptance of the "disease" and
its "treatment". This is uterly nazi-like but fact. To truly understand
the fraud of adhd one must understand that not a single claimed psychiatric
disease is an actual disease due to an objective abnormality in the brain
or body that has been demonstrated or that can be tested for ]

I have to live every day of my life knowing I let people influence me to believe
there was such a disease

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
you are among millions decieved, most in the country, in fact]

 . I promise you with all my heart my precious S***** was a very normal child
that I am sure would have out grown what ever attention problems she had

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
they too, the conspirators knew s***** was normal that is what makes what
they did not a medical mistake--iatrogenic, but a knowing drugging--poisoning
of a normal child, assault and battery--knowing, and in that she died--murder]

. I was so worried about her fitting in with all the other children, I was tired
of her being treated differently and being isolated because she was different

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
this was US education in collusion with psychiatry, all of organized
medicine, the pharm industry and the US Government. School teachers, personnel
are diagnosticians and enforcers of diagnoses and of treatments].

I loved my little girl so much and to me she was just fine. At home
she wasn't different she was excepted for what she was. Our special
little girl that the world revolved around. My world since she left me is
horrible. I miss her so much and want to hold her so bad. I wake up at night
and see her having that seizure, I was so helpless, I couldn't do a thing. I
watched her die before my eyes. That's not anything you can just put behind
you. If I would have just been strong enough to not let people influence me
my little girl would be here. I try so hard, I don't blame myself because I
truely believed in the doctor that he knew what he was doing.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Every doctor
spends 4 years of medical school learning about diseases and how to
distinguish disease from normalcy, patient by patient. All doctors remain
medically and legally responsible career long for this determination. Doctors
who have not discovered or demonstrated an objective abnormality know...
know...know and are responsible for knowing they have not found, diagnosed,
demonstrated the presence of an abnormality/disease. If knowing
this they give a child a drug, a foreign chemical, which is a poison, they are guilty,
knowingly of assault and battery--poisoing, and, where the
child dies, of murder.]

How could anyone be so cruel to a beautiful innocent child? All I want is my life back
and my little girl to come home. My story needs to be heard others need to
know what is happening. This is a parents worst nightmare come true. Dr. FB
if we don't reach out other children will die. We need to do something about
it. Any ideas how I can be heard? I need powerful people that believe in me
that what happened to us is wrong. It is wrong and your right our rights
were trampled. Thanks for listening. V****

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
J***** M***** of Austin Texas, lost her son C****** P***** to desipramine poisoning and testified that had
she ever known there was no such disease as adhd she would never have
allowed the drugging of C******. I will be in touch.]

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