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pauline h******* wrote:

  I have just read your ADHD/Ritalin piece regarding Stephanie Hall

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Age 11, who died in her sleep just after a prescribed increase in her
dose of Ritalin]

  My 10 yr old son is prescribed Ritalin (past 6yrs), and is surrently 
  on 5mg am, 20mg slow release.  I am getting increasingly worried about 
  I would like to ask you if you know of any links between ritalin and 
  Tourettes Syndrome?  My son was placed on the slow release in 
  September last year, and suddenly started rolling his eyes and 
  twitching, and was diagnosed with Tourettes in January this year.  I 
  cannot help but feel that the two are connected, but cannot find 
  anything about this on the internet.
  I would appreciate a reply, thank you.
  Yours faithfully
  Pauline H*******

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Tourette's syndrome (in medicine, syndrome =
disease) is comprised of a tic or tics of unknown etiology/cause. It is
usually mild, lessening in severity through childhood, often
disappearing in adolescence or adulthood. Ritalin and the other
amphetamines can cause tics indistinguishable for TS. ADHD has never
been shown to be a real syndrome or disease, and, cannot therefore have
TS as complication. This means that in any child who did not manifest
tics prior to Ritalin/amphetamine rx., the tic/TS are due to the
drug--are Ritalin/amphetamine caused tics, not TS requiring that these
drugs that were never medically justifiable in the first place, should
surely be stopped now, preferrably gradually and under medical
supervision. The representation of psychiatric diagnoses to be brain
disease as is done by all psychiatry, by neurology as well (which know
it is a scam) and by most branches of the federal government happy to
finance what they do with the proceeds of drugging millions of entirely
normal American children.]

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