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Dr. Baughman,

We recently succumbed to my 6 year old sons teachers inscesant complaining

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
like all teachers in the US today she is a trained "deputy
brain diagnostician" able to practice medicine and neurology sans any
medical credentials--illegally. Further, her incessant complaining is
coercion that is built into the system--orchestrated.]

 about my
sons activeness in class. We took him to his pediatrician for an examination
after filling out and having his teacher fill out the standard "make a check
in the box" and "rate from *** to *** the behavior..."

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
This is given us by the leadership of US psychiatry,
pediatrics, family practice and neurology as medical diagnosis, the
diagnosis of a "medical" disease. For any doctor to call ADHD or any
psychiatric disorder a disease, the child diseased/abnormal is fraud--total
fraud. This is totally un-scientific, a perversion of science and medicine.]

Of course my sons teacher hit every "symptom" of ADHD right on the head and
maxed out each answer. We merely went through with this with the intent to
shut her up and prove that she was the one that was out of her mind. After
turning these forms over to his doctor he input all the information into a
desk top computer after doing a cursory exam of my son and asking questions
of our family medical history. He then hit the "Enter" key on the computer
keyboard and declared our son has ADHD. He immediately wrote out a
prescription for 18mg of Concerta daily and told us to start him on it the
next day 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The fraud is authored and orchestrated by Big Pharma,
generally, Novartis, the APA, AACAP, AAP, AAFP, AAN and CNS and they are all
aware that no psychiatric diagnosis is as disease but that the script of the
fraud claims that all of them are]

. That was that. The only problem is my
sons mother and I could not bring ourselves to give him the pills. There is
nothing wrong with our son that can not be found in any other normal 6 year
old growing boy. He is a very intelligent, loving, social little boy who has
numerous friends and enjoys playing and being active. It is the contention
of his mother and I that the root cause of his problems are his teacher and
her teaching environment which I believe he finds extremely boring.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
If you stand by your convictions that your are right and all of
the professionals are wrong--that they only prey on your son and every child
in the US that schools send to them, you will remain worthy parents indeed,
protectors of your son from the most evil perversion of medicine in the
history of the US. Actually the damage would not start with the Concerta
(methylphenidate, Ritalin; dangerous, addictive, sometimes lethal,
death-dealing) but would begin the moment a faux disease label is accepted
for your son. He and you and the world would come to know him as
defective, brain damaged, brain chemically imbalanced, not complete without
his pill, and you the parents would become known, increasingly--with your
resistance to the "chemical balancers" as negligent parents, and yes you may
come to be at some legal risk for your understanding and resistance to the
fraud. The script increasingly calls for the school and would be
prescribing doctor to do all they can to see that your ADHD son gets his
essential, requisite Concerta or other amphetamine, regardless of the fact
that he is actually a normal child, just as are all ADHD children at
diagnosis, prior to the first poisonous pills. By the way all pills,
substances given intentionally or accidently to normal persons are poisons
so this is what all psychotropic drugs are, no doubt whatsoever. Doctors
know this. Back to what I was saying. All children thus labeled are
invariably and horribly psychologically damaged and this leads to the drugs
which in the 2nd stroke according to the APA script invariably does them--the
normal-to-that-point-child, invariable physical harm, invariable whole body,
whole brain harm. Today Diane Booth sits in jail in San Jose California
because she, a single mother, resisted psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.
She would accept neither dx. or rx. and so a judge Leonard Edwards took over
the parenting of her 6 year old son, Vincent and saw that Vincent got
"proper" complete, dx. and rx. Diane made the mistake of kidnapping
Vincent who was no longer her's to keep. At a visit, observing he was being
battered and bruised in the county's care, she fled with him to Canada. But
there, she was caught at a traffic stop and Vincent was returned to his life
of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, leaving Diane, a fugitive on the
run. For 3 1/2 years Diane has been on the run, Vincent psychiatrically and
pharmacologically abused--as is happening to hundreds of thousands of
children and families across the country--the US--in the name of "custody
relinquishment". But Diane could take it no more and came back, was jailed,
and now prays--having no money for a criminal defense attorney--for justice
for here and her only child Vincent. The safest way for you, Victor, your
son, wife and family would to keep as low a profile as possible and place
your son in some rare private or parochial school not believing in this
crime as treatment, or home school and school-sproof him. Once on a legal
footing with CPS and the country schools in county court you have little
chance. Good luck. Stay in touch, write a word of encouragement to Diane
Booth and contribute if you can to her legal defense fund c/o Dawn Rider at
ASPIRE (see Diane Booth Legal Fund c/o ASPIRE"). Dawn is herself a victim and ally. She will speak to you as needed
and will give you Dianes full address and address of the Diane Booth legal
defense fund. Best wishes to you and your family Victor. I hope you can
avoid legal entanglements, that is the best way. Fred Baughman]

If we have not yet started to give him these pills even though they were
prescribed, can they force us to do so? Do we have any remedy in getting
this label, that his doctor slapped on him, expunged from his medical
records? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I sincerely enjoy reading your writings. I also read the writings of Dr.
Thomas Armstrong. You two should get together. I am sure as a team you would
find many advocates such as myself. Thank you.

Victor *******
Ridgecrest, CA

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