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K wrote
> Sir i have ADHD and Ritlain works for me  it helps me to learn
> better in school and stay calm .I believe that it is not a fake
> disease. If  you had it yourself you would understand sir . I do not
> wish to offend you but I feel you are wrong.  my email is K

[FA Baughman Jr., MD,10/5/00:
Kira, you have been decieved. The people
who told you it was a disease for which you needed treatment lied to you
and violated your informed consent rights. Informed consent means that
you, the patient, are told all you need to know about all of the risks
and benefits of your treatment situation. The risks, in medicine,
ususually come from the disease, the benefits from the treatment. All
must bear in mind that all treatments, as well, are risky. Only when
the probability of the risk vs. benefit equation is for a positive
outcome should the physician urge treatment, and should the patient give
their informed consent. In the case of ADHD and all psychiatric
disorders--none of them diseases, there is no disease on the risk side
of the risk/benefit equation. The only risks of the situation are those
of the drug, drugs, surgery, ECT. You have been decieved. The sooner
(with medical guidance) you come off of the drugs you are on, the sooner
the risks from them will be diminished. All of them, without a doubt,
cause some lasting, if unseen, damage to the brain and other organs.
Addiction and the brain changes thereof is only one of the risks.

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