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   Hello, We have a foster infant that was exposed to methamphetamine.
   She has been with us a year now and has a lot of medical problem
   (seizures, asthma, ear infections all the time). Her case is going
   to court soon and I would like any info I can get to take to the
   courts showing what effects this drug has caused her...

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Probably exposure as an embryo and fetus too. Go to any
medical library and begin with the bible on pharmacology--Goodman
and Gilman. Any medical librarian can take you in tow and find
current review articles on subject. There may have been other risk
factors--other drugs, disease in mother (AIDs, always to be ruled
out), nutritional & vitamin deficiencies. Good luck. This brings
to mind the reality, that with the iatrogenic, contrived epidemic of
ADHD, now at 5-6 million, girls catching up to boys, we will be
having more and more lives-in-the-making (embryos, fetus') exposed
to drugs just like 'meth', that is, to Ritalin (methyphenidate) and
Adderall and Dexedrine (amphetamine) and also Gradumet and Desoxyn
(methamphetamine just as prescribed for your foster infant). And
all the while psychiatry having become a 'pusher' tells us how good,
even essential such drugs of addiction are, both for us and for our
children. By the ethical standards that existed in the 60's
and 70's, this is a heinous perversion of medicine.]

   ...If you know of any studies or facts articles anything to

   help I would greatly appreciate this.
   God Bless K.B. RN

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