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LAM wrote (10/12/00):

Dear Dr. Baughman,

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your insights with the public about the fraud issues
surrounding ADD. This has impacted me personally because my 7 year old son is
currently being evaluated by a school psychologist for attentional problems, as
reccommended by his first grade teacher. It was first suggested that my son see his
family doctor to rule out any physiological reasons for his inattentiveness in the
classroom (such as sight or hearing problems). Upon examination, his family doctor
saw no evidence of physiological problems, and considered my son to be a normal
young man. The school psychologist informed me she will see my son over three
sessions to evaluate him, and then meet with myself and my husband to discuss her
findings. I know for a fact that if she recommends that my son start taking any kind of
drug, I will absolutely refuse it, now that I have become enlightened on the subject. I
have one question for you. A few months ago I was reading an article on the
internet that talks about ADD in the classroom. It talked about how kids with attention
problems are not “diseased” but just bored in the classroom and need to be given work
that interests them more. It went on to say in a very common sensical way that it’s
natural for kids to attend to things they are interested in, and not attend to things they
are not interested in. Not much different from adults really. It also suggested some
concrete things teachers could do in the classroom with inattentive kids, but I can’t
recall what these were. This was such an excellent article that ties in twith your views,
but the problem is that, for the life of me, I cannot locate this article on the internet. So
I was wondering if you know of this article or site I am referring to. I would love to
have a copy of this article to show his teacher. If you have any idea where I can find
this article or site, could you please let me know as soon as possible. I look forward to
your reply.

Sincerely, LAM

Dear LAM.,

Children who are 7 do not always pay attention. Whether they do or not depends more
on the adult charged with eliciting and holding their attention than on the small child.
Paying attention is among things they are taught and learn to do, although the current
generation of teachers don’t understand this, or prefer to make not paying attention a
‘brain disease.’ Tragically, and to the everlasting detriment of US children everywhere,
teachers have deserted their educator posts have taken up the totally fraudulent
‘diagnostic’/ ‘therapeutic’ mission as well as the ‘whole language’ ideology which effectively
thwarts efforts to render them literate.

As long as your son is in a public school he will be at risk for what they do and at risk, as
well, for what they should teach him, but will not. The surest protection until, this fraud is
finally exposed and stopped, is to get him to a private or parochial school that believes in
no such malignant nonsense, or home-school him.

Be assured, your love of your son and all of your instincts are correct. Do not let anyone
convince you otherwise.

Sincerely, FB

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